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  1. decco

    VE Rear AUX to 3.5mm adaptor?

    I've been having trouble with my front aux socket for a while, and don't like having a cord running from my head unit to my iPhone, so I've been looking at getting some sort of adaptor so I can run a cable directly from my rear AUX input on the head unit (some strange connector that no car shops...
  2. BoNeZ-01

    [NSW] WTB: Stock Oil Filter Adaptor-VS V6

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Original Oil Filter Adaptor, for a VS s1 V6 Ecotec. LOCATION: NSW, Central West. CONDITION: Used in good, serviceable condition is fine, new if available. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Prefer by post, as I do not have my own vehicle to travel, I will...
  3. K

    Throttle Body Adaptor

    Wazup! Just joined up to the blog and thought I would throw in what may be a stupid question. I have an SSZ ute and have acquired a 90mm LS3 throttle body. Does anybody know of anyone who has developed an adaptor to use this on an LS1? And I have not yet had a good look, but is there...