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  1. J

    Harrop TrueTrac LSD Rebuilds Adelaide

    Hi. mom looking at getting a 3.75 or 3.9 Harrop TrueTrac LSD conversion/rebuild on my 2014 Series 1 VF SS Commodore Sedan (auto), but I’m having a lot of trouble finding reputable places to facilitate this in Adelaide for any reasonable price. I know I can buy them off eBay, but all the...
  2. J

    VF SS Sedan Suspension Upgrade.

    Hey. I live m in southern suburbs SA. What’s the a decent amount to pay and quality to expect for a coilover or any other suggested handling upgrade for a 2014 Series 1 VF Holden SS Commodore Sedan. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  3. V

    Vy ute regency defect in Adelaide is it worth getting the defect off?

    The other day my brother was driving my vy ute that I've only had for a few months and got pulled over and had the book thrown at him for everything they could find which was rear tyres being on the wear lines, too low which was only because I had my tools in the back, too loud which was fair...
  4. C

    Head unit repairs

    Hey all. Ive got a kenwood head unit, bought used, with 3 rca preouts. Ive found out the sub out doesnt work. Can this be fixed? can i DIY? or where can it be repaired in Adelaide? Are head unit repairs worth the cost, or just buy another one? The unit works perfect, apart from this one fault...
  5. V

    Where to get a alloytec rebuild around Adelaide

    I have a alloytec engine that needs the timing chains replaced and I want to rebuild the engine aswell just wondering if anyone knows of anyone that has rebuilt a decent amount of alloytecs that could help me out I can supply all the parts just need someone to rebuild it for me around Adelaide...
  6. B

    VT Gross Vehicle Mass + Other Weights

    G'Day all, I have recently picked up a cheapo VT that was for sale locally with Vic rego, to daily drive over here in SA. The car has passed a Tier 2 ID check, and am currently filling out the rego forms for SA. I have filled everything out except for 3 fields. On the form, I have to write...
  7. C

    [SA] WTB - Rear FE2 Springs from VT VX VY VZ Sedan

    DESCRIPTION: Want to Buy ITEM: Rear FE2 springs from VT VX VY VZ sedan LOCATION: Im in Adelaide, SA CONDITION: Used, good condition DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up Adelaide metro preferred, can pay for postage PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash (Paypal for interstate) OTHER INFO: Need asap, pick...
  8. H

    HELP.. trying to work out how much my 87 VL Berlina is worth!

    87 berlina going to the original look paint on roof and boot is starting to flake/fade... bit of bubble rust under windscreen... interior all good,perfect condition besides the executive centre console... alpine deck and 4 speaker pioneer stereo tastefully installed so that it will not be able...
  9. zvagon

    Road trip! (Newcastle-Adelaide-Toowoomba-Newcastle)

    One of the benefits of being a teacher is holidays... there, I said it. Anyway, this coming holidays we have two weddings in two weekends - one in Adelaide, SA the other in Toowoomba, Qld. So it's road trip time, right? A good excuse to give the new wagon a spin. The currently planned route...