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  1. A

    V8 Adventra center tailshaft bearing

    Hey guys, i am wondering the right way about doing my center tailshaft bearing and the location of it. Never touched anything to do with the driveshaft so i am like a headless chook in this one cheers.
  2. A

    V6 to V8 maf sensor

    Hey there, Just seeing if i could swap my v8 maf sensor with a V6 as my one in my V8 is buggered and i have a v6 at home that is being wrecked. Cheers in advance.
  3. B

    VY ADVENTRA 5.7 AUTOMATIC ~ please advise pros and cons of buying a 1 owner

    Hi all, was hoping to broaden my knowledge thru anybody on this forum that can give me their opinion on a 1 owner VY Adventra that has been looked after, never abused, and FULLY & professionally serviced by a VACC Mechanic every 6,000 to 10,000kms(max) without fail, and using the best of...
  4. holdencallous

    Adventra Flares on VX S Pac?

    hey guys, I’m thinking of doing something different with my car regarding putting on dished interceptors with adventra flares, how would I go about fitting them? Do they come off the adventra by themselves if I pry them off the fenders?, or would I need to make my own fender flares. Pic...
  5. P

    Adventra VZ - ESP & ABS Fail alert going off

    Hi all. I have a 2005 Holden Adventra and the ESP and ABS fail light and alarm keeps going off. I had the rear breaks and rotors replaced yesterday and ever since this is happening. It wasn't happening prior to the replacement. Can anyone help??
  6. P

    Adventra VZ - ESP & ABS Fail alert going off

    Hi all. I have a 2005 Holden Adventra and the ESP and ABS fail light and alarm keeps going off. I had the rear breaks and rotors replaced yesterday and ever since this is happening. It wasn't happening prior to the replacement. Can anyone help??
  7. Revhigh

    2016 new release, Stealth 3.0 Performance Controller for Holden, Ford etc.

    The updated Stealth 3.0 Performance Controller unit is now available. Give your vehicle the throttle response it deserves. Revhigh stealth Suits the full range of Holden's from VZ onwards, LS1 VZ unit is now being tested. VZ V6 Alloytec, VE VF V6 & V8 are good to go. Suits many other vehicles...
  8. G

    No Brake Lights.....Tried everything.

    We have a VZ Adventra. All other lights on the car are working perfectly except we have no brake lights. Hubby is just about tearing his hair out trying to work out what the problem is. We have tried another 2 brake light switches (bought from wreckers). The car is not blowing any fuses and...
  9. J

    Avalanche suspension

    Just wondering if anyone has done a lift kit on an avalanche wagon? Also wondering if the adventra has the same set up as an avalanche? Has anyone replaced the bushes in the front as well? Was gonna do a lift kit at home if it is pretty straight forward.
  10. S

    [QLD] ADVENTRA 2005 CX6 Vz Engine Noise HELP PLEASE!

    Hey Guys, I have the above model Adventra with approx 150,000km on the clock. Along with the last service the fan, air con belts, etc were all replaced by a mobile registered mechanic that I had used on a couple of previous occasions. Next morning on starting, it made a noise very similar to a...
  11. 1

    2004 VY CX8 Adventra ABS Module - Other Models ABS List

    I have a 2004 VY2 CX8 Adventra and I recently had the ABS warning come on intermittently for several weeks and then come on constantly with the orange ABS Light. I plugged my trusty scan tool in and it brought up the C0550 which is pretty much a communication error with the ABS Module. I pulled...
  12. M

    Adventra Gearbox Slip / Cross Trac Issue?

    G'Day All, Recently bought a 2004 VYII LX8 Adventra. I drove it up 4 ramps today to do a full service. Have 1 or possibly two issues. I normally drive my land rover up on four standard car ramps, in low range, no problem. Today did the same thing with the Adventra, no low range, but has...
  13. M

    commodore engine differnces HELP

    Hi, I have an Adventra v6 (may 06) with a rooted motor.My garage have fitted a sH motor from a 04 commodore(alloytec) and changed all necessary componentry but its messing about . original motor details :VZ8VM35-155 Vin:6G1ZM84746L827147 ENG ; LY 6 new motor...
  14. J

    VY Adventra LS1 - RWD manual conversion

    Hey guys, I'm wanting to convert my AWD Adventra LS1 to rear wheel drive only. I would like to do a manual RWD conversion using a T56 box and run a conventional RWD commodore setup (getting rid of all the AWD stuff). OR I am considering keeping the 4L60E auto box, and converting the...
  15. T

    VZ Adventra LX6 - Dash errors, fuel gauge not working, ABS warning

    Hi all, thanks for your input to this helpful forum. Recently got my VZ Adventra LX6. Love it. Haven't owned a Holden since my VL days and I'm glad to be back. Yesterday I awoke to find that upon start up I had a problem.... * Fuel/temp gauges move from resting to Empty/0 degrees postition...
  16. jamiasvu

    LX8 Adventra factory AMP wireing for AMP/SUB upgrade

    Hey guys, I've got a Pioneer 12" and a JL Audio 400W amp (which is perfect fit for putting in the same spot as the factory amp) and I have cut the loom plug that connects to the factory amp. Now I am unsure of the wireing and can not find it anywhere on the net! So I have 2 yellow and 2...
  17. L

    VZ wagon/Adventra tailgate issues

    I Need some help, I had the front lower control arm bushes replaced lastweek and now it seems that my rear wiper and glass release on the tial gate are not working, they worked about 2 weeks ago... has anyone got a wiring diagram for the boot control? I think one of the wires in one of the...
  18. I

    Adventra Transfer Case/Front Diff problem

    I've got a clunk in the drive train of my '05 Adventra SX6 with 160K on the clock. When the car is coasting to a stop there is a clunk in the drive train when the geabox changes down gears, also there is a lot of slack when I shift from P to D on the auto. I've taken the car to a mechanic I...
  19. W

    Adventra Level-Ride Suspension

    I recently acquired a 2005 VZ LX6 Adventra and it has high-lift King Springs on the rear. The rear sits slightly higher than the front when there is no load on the back but I thought the Level-Ride Suspension would have evened it out. Can anyone enlighten me as to how the LRS works? Is it...
  20. L

    VZ fog light switch

    I have installed fog lights onto my 06 Adventra however am unsure on how to change over the light switch to the new fog light one. Any ideas?