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  1. lmoengnr

    Extractors and exhaust

    Question 1: Exhaust ports will be the same, but what car are the LS2 headers fitted in? Question 2: No, wont fit.
  2. J

    Diff housing

    Hey guys, I’m having talks about who and where to get my diff upgrade done, and to keep costs low on both the labour and parts the guy I’m likely to go through suggested sourcing my own new/better diff housing for its intended use and to prevent a housing blowout should I end up doing what I...
  3. Jparr97

    What To Do Next?

    hi i've got a 2004 vz 5.7l SS, i have fitted a full exhaust system (4 into 1 1-3/4" headers 100 cell cats and 3" catback) and an OTR( kept the MAF) i got the car tuned at profection hume in ACT at the start of the year and it made 253 rwkw and am very happy with the results. i do what to get the...
  4. T

    Just need some advice

    Howdy everyone, new here and I was inspired by the forum to show some love to the old girl. I noticed my strut mounts are shot. Having a look around I found https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/ZPN-02031.action? brand name is Cozza? I haven’t heard of them or used them before. Same as the...
  5. L

    Is this the right part for my car?

    Hey everyone, just hoping for some quick help, I've got a 2011 VE Omega sv6, I was looking to add a manifold and spacer (After hearing all the praise from you guys on other posts) was just hoping someone could confirm this is the right item I'm looking for, just dont want to dish out the cash...
  6. 0

    Heeeellp!! Newby VZ’er

    Hi All, I’m new on the VZ block and was hoping to get some help or pointed in right direction PLEEEAASEE???! So I brought my 2005 VZ Acclaim last week off a very shady appearing seller (lol!) car was cheap looked good condition n I needed a car ASAP so ignored my gut when it was telling me to...
  7. H

    Buying First Car Advice- 1997 Holden Commodore S VS II Manual

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy my first car and looking for some advice on buying a 1997 Holden Commodore S VS II Manual ute. -274,976 km -5 speed manual -6cyl 3.8L Petrol The dealer is trying to sell for $4880. My main questions are: Is this overpriced due to the age and km's? What would the...
  8. N

    VZ Crewman vibrations + clunk advice!

    Hi! I'm after a bit of advice, wondering if anyone has suggestions for the causes of a few of these? 1) An inconsistent clunk when going over corrugations or lumps in the road, had this since I got it. Sounds like the tub moving but I can't find anything loose.. 2) It's just begun to...
  9. D

    Personal opinion auction car

    Hi guys, Recently took a trip to pickles auctions and stumbled across a series 2 Berlina international (07/11), 118000 on the clock with full service history and has roadworthy and rego til Feb 15. Priced at 13700. Hardly any cosmetic damage just a few leather peels on steering wheel. Seems...
  10. TweePollution

    What is this tubing called?

    As i installed a new rocker gasket seal, i noticed this tube has melted and needs replacing as it has basically snapped OFF! I was wondering if you guys could give me the name of this part so when i duck down to super cheap auto tomorrow i know what to look for, it sits under this cover...
  11. V

    Vl roof lining advice

    So my Vl is currently at the panel beaters, he recommended a auto trimmer to install a new roof lining, now I pulled an original roof lining out of a exec wreck I had and asked the trimmer to install the roof lining I supplied into my other VL however he stated that he's had to many issues...
  12. J

    Weird metal clapping noise coming from front of car

    Hey fellas, not sure if anyone has encounted a similar issue, it seems to be on the left side up the front of the car, It sounds like metal is being slapped against metal. It only happens when: 1 - i go over bumps and rocky areas (A real let down considering much of my area on the CC is ****...
  13. P

    Which Multi Meter

    Hey guys and gals. can anyone reccomend which sort of multi meter i should purchase to check what I need to on a vt commodore. So many choices not sure of what I should be paying to get the job done. your advice appreciated
  14. T

    1999 VT Series II S-Pac Blue Mica

    Hi guys, Im new to this. Ive got a VT SII SPAC. Its blue mica. Ive just done the basic mods for now. Full sound system. -JVC Double Din -Front Sony Xplod w/tweeter -Read Sony Xplod 6.5 -Sony Comp Sub 1300w 12" -Audioline 2Channel 500w(temporary) Redback Catback 2.5" with twin 3"...
  15. D

    VE Sedan Focal System - Advice Please

    I just got a quote for a focal system for my 2009 ve sedan. Could anyone please tell me if they think this is a good deal or if I should change something. Everything is focal: Front: 165A1 $ 265.00 Rear: 165CA1 $ 160.00 Amp: SOLID4 $ 350.00 Amp: SOLID1 $ 350.00 Sub x 2: 30A1 $200...
  16. 9

    VR Executive Series 1 V6 Auto advice

    Hey all, just joined to finally ask a few questions I can't seem to find answers to. I'm picking up a 94 VR Executive in about a week (:surprise:), it's the v6 auto model. It's got extractors, custom exhaust system, and I think it's been lowered; but the previous owned put this horrible fake...
  17. D

    Advice on buying a Commodore

    Hi all im a newbie to this forum so take it easy if i get something wrong :p Im an 18 year old victorian, a few months away from moving on to my green P plates. I need advice on buying a car. Im mostly looking at VY and VZ's, but im not set on them. Im coming off a 97' c200 mercedes, so im...
  18. 0

    05 VZ Exec -Rear Left Quarter Panel (Mornington Peninsula - Bendigo)

    http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs452.ash2/72531_1684210071831_1435012503_31723287_3308801_n.jpg was just wondering if anyone has some advice for the repairs on this, dunno if i would need to replace the whole panel or if the rust can just be removed and then repaired. and the...
  19. alltorque

    VS Calais BERKLEE exhaust any good?? need reviews ASAP!

    im getting berklee exhaust system tomorrow (from catback, straight 2.5" no resonator) mixed reviews from different exhaust installer shops but could just be to gain business so need to know if anyone has had any problems or heard anything bad about them. any response awesome , cheers
  20. RichoKidd

    2000 VT Executive V6 Auto. What to do?

    Hey guys, I have just purchased myself a 2000 Model VT Executive. I'm just wondering what I should do to make this car look a million dollars for cheap?! Any advice would be appreciated? -RichoKidd
  21. W

    Bad Mechanic

    Hi this is a bit off topic for this forum but I need some advice to help out my brother. He has a nissan 180sx and he blew the turbo not long ago he ended up taking it to ultra tune and getting a new one for $1800 he has had it for a week and took it to go get tuned and due to something to do...
  22. M

    What Can I Do With My VR

    New Here. Im Almost Paid Off To A Friend For My 93' VR Commodore Aclaim Sedan. It's In Stock Condition and Im On My P's Wondering What Reccomendations Can be made or any hints or tips. First Car and growing up with mum havent had that much experience under the hood besides working at a tyre...