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  1. Dechlan Tutty

    ['04 VZ SV6] Catch Can, PCV Modifications & UHF Radio Install Questions

    Hi everyone, I've been doing a couple of things with my '04 VZ (SV6) since I've had it, and have been seeing posts and hearing people talk about PCV clogging issues which ultimately lead to a higher risk of timing chain issues. Now, my car happens to have 170K km's on the clock and...
  2. S

    VS VT aerial different?

    I have done a search and can find nothing. Does anyone know if a VT electric aerial fits a VS. The photos seem the same, but I do not want to buy a VT one to find it wont fit. Thanks
  3. B

    Automatic aerial ahhh!!

    Can someone please give me some info? My electric aerial is up and won't go down at all now. I always intended to unplug it as I don't listen to the radio. (Only fm transmitter). It's long and hideous. I tried to force it down so I can leave it down and unplug it, but it won't budge. I don't...
  4. P

    Troubleshooting aerial on 2007 VE

    Since installing an aftermarket head unit I've got poor radio reception, especially AM. As part of troubleshooting I unscrewed the roof aerial and then checked for continuity between the centre aerial plug in the dash and the aerial base (female thread). Result was open circuit. My very basic...

    VY Aerial will go UP but not DOWN.

    I have a VY aerial out of my car... it goes up but not down. Can it be fixed? Thankyou
  6. B

    Aerial motor mounting bracket problem

    I have just installed a new aerial mast in my VS and I'm having some difficulty reattaching the mounting bracket. I loosened the 1/2 inch bolt which secures the bracket to gain better access to the motor as I don't have a jack and couldn't remove the wheel to do this. I installed the mast...
  7. djdomohudson

    Wiring electric aerial (VT sedan)

    The VT I bought had a snapped aerial. It was a manual aerial, so I went to AutObarn and bought an electric one for like $150. (surely ripped off? but oh well). Now I've done all the handy work, removed body parts and chucked the old broken one, fitted the new one and fed the wires through the...
  8. H

    VE Commodore Bee Sting Antenna

    I installed a Bee Sting Antenna to my VE and noticed that there is more static than the previous standard Antenna. I love the look of it but is there better quality aerials?? Thanks
  9. Jet_Mr_Zed

    Vx S-pack Rear Window Aerial Help!!

    I have a 2002 Holden Vx S-pack, and it had the old nokia mobile phone kit with it! Ive pulled everything out of the dash like the phone cables and a random modem looking thing, and also a loudspeaker thing in there! On the back window there is an extra aerial though, and i have my suspicions...
  10. D

    VY SS Blaupunkt in a VZ SV6 : Power aerial not working.

    Guys, Recently the factory Blaupunkt Single CD head unit in my 2005 VZ SV6 decided it was not going to play Cd's anymore. I purchased an unused Blaupunkt head unit from a VY SS (six stack) head unit. No worries to change unit, however, the power aerial no longer will work. Any advice or help...
  11. G

    VZ Eletric Aerial

    Hi Everyone, Ive just installed a ipod interface kit into my VZ berlina 6 stakker :yeah: but now the eletric aerial dosent go up or down. Ive checked the Fuze and everything looks fine. Im wondering if there is anyway to bench test it to see if it is a problem with the aerial or the head...
  12. blindworld1

    2 problems - Tapping and bubbling.

    Hello, My first problem is that just before when I came home with the car it was making a bubbling noise, the pipes were very hot, hotter than usual I believe. When we opened the overflow container the coolant was bubbling. Is this normal if not what is causing it? My second problem is...
  13. Just-A-Girl

    Help - Mechanically Retarded

    Please help, I don't have the fuse box lid sticker, to tell which fuse is for what in VL Calais. I've googled everywhere, asked people, and no one knows. Ideally I'd really like to know which fuse operates the electric aerial ? If not, where I could get hold of a fuse box lid with the...
  14. justice4all3000

    Power Antenna woes

    Hey all after looking though just about every power antenna thread I could find I still can’t get the &%* antenna to stay up it goes up automatically every time I turn the radio on but then will go back down same result if I push the manual control buttons I have double checked the wiring I have...