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    My 2016 VF SS Black Edition

    Hi guys, its my first post here and just wanted to share my 2016 SS Black Edition. Its not completely done yet, ive still got the old school decals and a hdt badge to go on and my new number plate [HDTLS3] is on its way. Just wanted to hear some feedback to see if everyone else likes it as much...
  2. T

    Astra 88 Aero Body Kit

    Trying to hunt down a body kit for my 1988 SLX Astra. They were actually installed on the S2 models, but unfortunately mine wasn't one of them. Am trying to hunt down the Aero body kits that are available somewhere for the Astra. Anyone found any floating around the web?

    Kinda first car, VN aero : )

    Its kinda my first car because my previous first car (VN commodore) got destroyed by hail before i could drive it :\ Car: Holden VN Series 1 Executive Current Mods: body: Aero front/rear bumpers, Areo garnish, Aero Skirts/door thingys and Letterbox grill. Wheels: 19inch Advanti's...