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  1. JQ417

    2012 SSV Z series Common Problems

    Hi everyone, just wonder if anyone here know any common issues/problems relate to 2012 Holden Commodore SSV Z series 6-speead Auto (with AFM technology). Because Im planning to purchase a second hand one with 90000kms on the odometer from its first owner in Queensland. Any advice/ recommendation...
  2. alba81

    Ve Calais V AFM DOD delete kit

    Hi fellas how use all doin? I need some help and advice its my first post I don't really know much that's why I'm here anyways I have a 2010 Ve Calais V AFM L76 motor in Automatic I wanna install the AFM DOD delete kit to make it a true V8 but the kits say you need to upgrade your cam to a...
  3. Black Pearl (Rocket 88)

    Black Pearl (Rocket 88)

    Turned to the chief scrutineer for V8 Supercars, Craig Hasted of Cragsted Race Engines to transform my eco L77 into a very high performance engine that delivers ultra efficiency: Some build shots: OEM+ look hides a max effort NA build - $1000 bolts, $800 studs, custom forged guts cranks same...
  4. SS Flo Rida

    Has anyone cammed their VF series 2 yet?

    I'm booked for a cam upgrade for my VF2 W375 auto in July and wanted to ask if anyone else has changed their bump stick and how have you found it?
  5. G

    Ve ss 6.0 afm

    Have replace original exhaust with sport exhaust from cats back. Car doesn't run well now and has a drone noise around 3rd gear, how do I switch off AFM or is there something else I can do. Cheers
  6. swingn_wasabi

    Intro - Noobie from The Shire

    Hi All Hope I’m posting this is the right section... Just wanted to say G'day as noobie to the Holden scene. Have been a proud owner of a VE S2 SS-V Redline Ute (Auto) in Hazard Yellow for just over a year now - Albeit, not driving it much due to a lack of license - & is actually my daily...
  7. V

    VL endless problems!

    Okay everyone, I need help with my VL. It's had sooo many problems i'm almost about to give up! Originally it would run fine, then one day was really underpowered then my brother got it bogged, after a while of revving it hard and getting stuck deeper, he gave up. So one day about 3 weeks...
  8. S

    Z32 afm?

    I have the Z32 AFM but brought it before i new you had to run it with a new ECU, would i be able to run it just off the stock AFM plug or is there a way around it without getting a new ECU? Dont get me wrong id love a new NIStune or PowerFC ECU although i don't have the funds atm. cheers
  9. T

    [VIC] ***VN CUSTOM PARCEL SHELF*** + other commodore parts

    ITEMS: Custom vn parcel shelf 6x9s plus sub $60 ono ALSO: 2x Chrome alloy 6 1/2inch wide BMW interceptors (fits commodore) $50 2x black (painted) 6 1/2inch alloy BMW interceptors (fits commodore) $40 VK front bar in excellent condition $50 VL engine parts (complete from AFM to gearbox...
  10. S

    Power Output (RWKW)

    I have got my SSV (MY9.5 L76 eninge) booked in to D&T to have Full 2.5" Stainless Exhaust, 1 3/4 Extractors, Highflow Cats, OTRCAI and a Mafless dyno tune on the 2/2/10. They are also removing the AFM when they do the tune. i was just wondering what RWKW i can expect when they dyno it? Also...
  11. S

    AFM Question

    i will be getting an exhaust with and otr and mafless tune in a couple of weeks but im just unsure if i will have n e problems with the afm? ive herd that when afm kicks in the exhaust will sound like crap is this true and what can i do to fix this? can i just get it removed?