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air bags

  1. R

    Holden VS fault code help

    Hey guys I am looking at clearing an airbag light on my VS Commodore Obviously as the older commodores still run the the OBD1 as opposed to the OBD2 would I need a OBD1 compatible machine to clear the codes I have tried to on my current scan tool but it appears to be greyed out and I am...
  2. J

    FFS! Tboned in my 08 ve, driver side roof and seat airbags deployed.uninsured,at fault, still owe $

    Im in a bad situation. Uninsured, at fault and still owe about 8k on the finance, airbags deployed driver side roof and drivers seat. Need new doors. Im in 2 minds about what to do. Ive ultimately gotta fix the thing if im still paying for it off otherwise iv got a car I cant sell once its paid...
  3. Ta Moo

    Spring replace with airbag

    I want some advice, how to cut of the bump stop for my commodore. And where to cut it. For air bag Bolt in to go in. I would appreciate it, if you guy give me some advice and some video or photo..
  4. G

    Nathan's Impulse Blue VZ SSZ Ute

    I've been meaning to start a thread for my VZ SSZ ute which i got about 6 months ago for a while now, i've done a few things since owning it, so here it is … Model: VZ SSZ ute Colour: Impulse Blue Engine: LS1 (5.7L) Gearbox: T56 (6 Speed Manual) Exhaust: 1 7/8"...
  5. Braydenreid

    air bags and wheels engineered??

    apparently you can get both air bags and wheels that are more than 2 inches bigger than stock wheels enginered.. does anyone know if this is true?
  6. TrikkBen

    [TRIKK] Ben's Bagd VS

    [TRIKK] Ben's Bagd VS. ***All Pics On Page 1*** Hey Guys Name: Ben Model: VS Acclaim Colour: Custom Botanica Mica Mix Bodykit: VS S Pac Engine Type: Ecotec Engine Mods: Running a T5 Manual computer with Stage 4 Performance Memcal, Factory CAI, ASR Circuit Comp Race Oil Pan. Power...
  7. skitzn

    SKITZN V.2.0 has finally arrived..black wl caprice

    SKITZN WL Caprice,airbags 20's and teppa time tint new pics on pg 5 hey all its a long 3 months without a nice car but has finally come through. name : nigel car : wl caprice colour : phantom mica engine : 5.7 engine mods : stock power : 240kw or 250kw (there is a differerce but im not...