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air box

  1. DeathSammich

    Modified Air Box

    I've looked everyone but can't really find a straight answer. With a VT Commodore where would be the best place to cut a hole in the air box and how long and where should the PVC pipe lead? Is it worth doing?
  2. C

    Vg has lost its balls all of a sudden‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    Hello I have a 1992 vg commo it is duel fuel and I am having an issue regarding power loss (balls and response not electrical) Back story: put her in for a roadworthy got a long list to fix up mostly minor though the list included exhaust and air box which I beleive are the culprets of my...
  3. D

    SS Induction kit installation question

    hi, just a quick question for the ss induction kit that I picked up for free the other day... After I removed the standard airbox, there is a plastic shroud under the head light that helps direct air into the hole in the standard airbox.. is this left in there or replaced with the ss induction...
  4. salute the ute

    Walkinshaw air dam

    Hey has anyone installed or made their own air dam. For those who dont know what it is. It's basically a small scoop that is mounted to the front bar on the passanger side. The theory behind it is to force extra cold air up to the air box. For those who have installed it, has it improved much...
  5. S

    vx backfiring (gas converted) fuel pump fuse and air box continuosly blowing!!

    Hi Guys, First Timer Here! I hope anyone may have some suggestions please *crosses fingers* VX Aclaim Series 2.. Took to Midas for a major service which was due. But had no prior complaints before hand. Come back and the car backfires, which i guess is normal for gas conversions on the...