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  1. S

    No air-con pressure in 2002 vx commodore

    Hi, there seems to be no air flow from the air-conditioner when it is on recycle but on fresh air there is air flow. Just wondering if there is a cabin air filter that needs replacing? If not, what could be the cause of the problem? Thanks in advance, Steven
  2. S

    Air-con problems on 2002 VX Commodore S2 executive

    Hello everyone. I'm a bit confused about the air-conditioner problem in my car. Firstly, the problem is that when it's on recycle, not much air is coming through. Took it in and the guy at the shop looked under the glove box and said he would need to take the whole dash out and would cost...
  3. V

    What to buy a used 2001 VX for?

    HI All, I'm looking to to buying my first commodore... (First car). I was looking at prices but I keep wondering what is the going price for a commodore? More specifically a 2001 Commodore Wagon VX, it is Automatic, has air-con, cruise control (do all commodores have cruise control), Yes...
  4. Nitro_X

    Cabin Air Filter

    Installed a new air filter for the air-con today, bit of a tricky location and a bit fiddly, but jesus, there's some sharp edges on the opening access area, nearly sliced my forearm open and now looks like a crazy cat attacked my arm..lol Anyway, I opted for a Wesfil brand for $20 from...
  5. G

    Temp is -30C VR

    Have a VR Berlina : Air-con always putting out hot air. The screen has a big X on it, and the outside temp (bottom left button) displays -30. Any idea where the air temp sensor is, as I think it must be disconnected. Tks for any help.