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air con

  1. DanNZ1

    HVAC Blower Motor Fuse Blowing

    Hey team, For a while now the manual heater/air conditioning in my 2006 Holden Commodore SV6 hasn’t been working. I finally took it to an auto electrician yesterday to determine the issue. He replaced the FL9 HVAC Blower Motor (40A) fuse twice and it blew both times that he turned the AC on...
  2. G

    VY Berlina air con issue

    Hey guys, I’m having issues with my climate control. VY Berlina series 2, so it’s got single zone climate control. The controls and buttons themselves are working. But air is only coming out of the demister/windscreen vents. Neither hot or cold air is coming out of the front dash fascia vents...
  3. G

    Air con issue, only coming out of demister

    Hi guys. For some reason, I only get air coming out of my demister vents. I won’t have any air (whether hot or cold) come out of my fascia vents or door vents. Climate control is plugged in but still only blows out the demister. Doesn’t matter what fan setting it’s on either. Any reason this...
  4. Seanssv08

    Air con and temp sensor not working

    Gday i have had this issue for a couple months but since few days ago is now happening almost everyday. I have "contact dealer" followed by "serive" coming up. Ive noticed when this happens the air con isnt cold/working just blowing air and also the water temperature gauge isnt working..this...
  5. S

    HVAC Recirculation Turning on Automatically (POLLUTION MODE OFF)

    Hey guys, first post on the forum so I hope I've got it in the right place :) I have owned a 2006 WM Statesman as my first car since Feb, and she has been my absolute pride and joy, reliable, comfortable, and a hit with mates. However, I have been having a small problem with the air con that...
  6. A

    VZ Calais V6 aircon not working!

    Hey Guys and Gals, I am new to this forum so this is to introduce myself and I also need some help in regards to my aircon in my VZ alloytec Calais. The aircon turns on and I have full control all round but it is not cold at all, it seems to be just pushing through outside temp air or engine...
  7. MR VXS2

    AC Drier Replacement

    Hello all and merry xmas. When replacing a drier receiver on a commodore AC system, which way does the INLET side of the drier face? The condenser, or the TX valve? The old one isnt marked, but the new one is. Im pretty sure its the condenser, but i would appreciate confirmation from someone...
  8. D

    '05 VZ Storm Ute - Air Con Relay issues

    Hey everyone. I know it is really hard to diagnose over the net, but hoping somebody has had the same issue. I recently obtained a VZ Storm which was sold to me with a non-functioning A/C, with a simple regas being named as the fix. I've taken it to AutoMasters for their free A/C...
  9. P

    factory car radio price

    Hi guys, i drive a sv6 ve holden. I got new speakers installed from jb hi fi about a month ago. And a two days ago my radio and air con controls stopped working, smoke was coming out of the aircon vents. I went to jb and thought they did a dodgy job of the installation of the speakers, they told...
  10. N

    Vx dash vents not working

    Hi all. I had my engine replaced not long ago (by a family friend, not keen to ask for help) and now no air is coming through the dash vents in the middle console and the side passenger ones with either the air con or heater turned on. The windscreen vent works fine. I have checked the engine...
  11. B

    air con issue

    When air con is on front, feet or what ever setting cold air is coming out the the top of dash- demister and fogs up windscreen. also when ac starts up fan blows flat out then slow then flat out. Seems to be affected by revs as well then goes to normal setting after 20 or 30 secs. Any help...
  12. R

    VS Ute 3 seater heater control switch,

    Can anyone tell me where I could locate a heater control switch for 3 seater ute? They have the hot cold dial and the vent position similar to a standard one only difference is the dials are side by side. Mine is leaking around the vent position knob. Cheers
  13. P

    Series 2 ac woes..

    I've tried to search for these exact issues to no avail. I have an October 2010, ve2 Berlina sportswagon. Here's the shortest run-down possible: I was driving with my family on a road trip. 33c outside. Whilst at highway speeds, had the car on auto single zone 22c. Was perfect for 4 to 5...
  14. V

    Air con has mind of it's own :O

    hello guys :) i recently purchased my vs manual ute 1997 and i love it.. however one of the many problems it has is the aircon turning on when the car feels like it lol.. sometimes I'm lucky and it turns on straight away but sometimes it turns on 5-10 mins down the road :( and then when it is on...
  15. Mattde

    Exec to Calais AC Conversion?

    So this may be a stupid question but hell, it's worth a shot... Does anyone know if its possible to change the Exec model AC Dial Controls to the Digital Calais ones? Besides purchasing the button panel and centre console surround, what else would be needed? Maybe and auto electrician might...
  16. Z

    air leak issues - a/c not working

    I am a newbie I have a Holden Commodore Calais S2 with Climate Control. I have no cool air. On acceleration, I note air vent directs warm air from face to feet and returns to face on deceleration. I also note the heater tap is letting hot water to the heater radiator and the cars effectively...
  17. T

    2001 VX Clubby Air Con Problems - Weird?!?

    Hey all, first post here, done a quick search but can't seem to find any info on the particular problem I'm having with my air con, not surprising as I've never heard of it before either. Sorry for the bit of a rant but it's a very weird problem so I need to explain it right. Situation is this...
  18. E

    Fuel Economy while aircon is used?

    Hi all. Can anyone please tell me what the avg fuel rate is with the aircon running? My 06 VZ auto chews around 35-40kms of fuel just driving 21.6kms according to the distance to empty option in the car. Any help would be great. Cheers.
  19. Johnsy

    VE Air Con stopped working ???

    Hey Guys and Gals... My a/c has stopped working in my R8. The buttons all work fine fan blows at different speeds in both zones as if working when changing temps. Just no cold air is coming out only "warm" fan air. This happened once before about 2 years ago but Holden couldn't find a problem...
  20. juiceie vh sle

    pipe work on Air con units different

    hey guys im looking for some info on air con units for the early VB, VC, VH, VK possibly VL. i purchased a N.O.S air con unit that said it was for the first gen commodores. i got it in the mail today and it looks perfect all the plugs are exactly the same with the same colour wires. the only...
  21. BullittSV6

    SV6 Air Conditioning - Heating Fail

    Well the old girl is getting on and noticed today that when I cranked the heating up on the a/c, all I got was coldish air. The cooling seems to be working well, just not the heating. Anyone had issues with this? What's the fix and what's the cost?
  22. B

    VS Aircon Hissing

    Hey guys havin a bit of an annoying issue with the VS after the aircon has been on, when i turn the engine off there is a hissing sound for a few seconds. This also occurs occasionally when slowing down while driving. I have looked around already on the forum but cant find the exact...
  23. L

    VZ air con issies

    Hello all, I have had to replace the condenser and reciever dryer on my car, I have re-gassed it with HR-12 (I have an ac license and perfer this gas), The issue I have is that the engine fans seem to switch on when the pressure reaches 230- 250 PSI (the pressure of 134a), does anyone know...
  24. S

    Climate Control Issue

    I drive a VE Series 2 Commodore SS Auto Sedan which I have owned for about a month. When I got in it this afternoon my radio appeared to have reset itself as all the stored radio stations were missing. I've since put them all back in but it seems my air conditioning has a serious issue. I...
  25. J

    Vr zircon problems

    I'm having trouble with my aircon. It only turns on once you turn the power to 3 or 4. And it only comes out at feet ports not anywhere else. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  26. D

    Climate control panel

    Hi there. First time post on here. I have a climate control in a VT. the lights have blown and it's in total darkness. I was wondering how do I get into the back of the climate control panel. I'd prefer if I didn't have to pull my whole console apart to replace 2 light globes. any...
  27. D

    VT air con issue

    hi all i have an issue with my air con that im hoping someone can help me with. when the air con is on while im driving, and i accelerate, the fan cuts out.. but when i ease off the accelerator, the fan kicks in again and works ok.. im not too sure how to fix this issue. if anyone can...
  28. D

    warm air coming out of vents even when turned off?

    warm air comes out of my air vents even when the climate control is turned off but only while in excelerating the faster i go the more warm air comes out? Also none of the fan speeds work at all, I checked and changed over but the fuses and relays and still same thing, anyone know whats...
  29. D

    warm air coming out of vents even when turned off?

    warm air comes out of my air vents even when the climate control is turned off but only while in excelerating the faster i go the more warm air comes out? Also none of the fan speeds work at all, I checked and changed over but the fuses and relays and still same thing, anyone know whats...
  30. V

    Fan issues VS III ute

    I have a 1999 VS III S pack ute with about 105K kms. There are issues with the fan. It has become unreliable, when the car is started and the fan is already on it can take 10-15 mins before it comes on. Other times it starts immediately and others after a few seconds/minutes. Very frustrating in...
  31. C

    86 VL calais air con problem

    when i got my '86 VL calais the air con made a very loud noise coming from the actual fan underneath the passenger side dash. i removed the fan and found it had broken blades so i replaced it and now the sound is practically gone. the problem is that when i put the air con on full it makes the...
  32. J

    help! wiper/aircon elect issue

    I have a problem with my vt , when i switch on or off the air con or demister switches the wipers come on, could the wiring be crossed??
  33. L

    air con VR

    hey i was just wanting to know if anyone knew how to remove the air conditioning fan from under the dash, i remove 2 screws but the fan is still fixed somewhere, could anyone help me out?