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air filter

  1. T

    MAF ducting size for supercharged vy

    Hey all, I will be installing a new air filter in my super6 vy soon, but its size is 4". I know that's bigger than the stock piping, so I will need to buy an adapter and adapt down to the stock piping. What I need to know is the size of the piping so I can get the right size adapter. Thanks...
  2. U

    How to change spark plugs and air filter Holden Rodeo V6

    Gday Holden Fans In this video see How to change spark plugs and a air filter on a Holden rodeo 2006 v6 petrol engine, items needed to do the job 6 spark plugs in this model they are a platinum plug and cost around $15 each and last longer than basic plugs, air filter is simple to change as...
  3. V

    bmc cda ??

    hey, just wondering if anyone has put a bmc cda filter on there car. specifically a vs 304, but any help would be appreciated. cheers

    Saving fuel, ideas?

    (i have searched threads but nothing is really helping me out so far sorry, so i made this thread) Hey Guys! I have noticed fuel isn't going all too well and was wondering what i can do (besides driving style and where I'm driving) that will help the fuel consumption rate drop a bit? I...
  5. C

    Homemade Air filter with CAI

    Hey guys, Im new to being a member here but have used your site for countless pieces of information so I thought I would join. Just bought a cold air intake from local holden dealer and have installed it, my next challenge is which air filter to buy. I was going to get a K&N but a guy form work...
  6. Wadeo..

    performance chip/cold air intake for my 3.8L VN

    hey guys, was wondering where the best place would be for me to get a performance chip for my car, ive been looking on ebay, and i think ive found a decent one from "goldcoastperformance" for about $150. and is it worth it getting a K&N pod air filter installed, presuming i buy a cover for it...