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air intake

  1. GlxBxi

    Extractor and intake help for VE SV6 2009 SIDI

    Hey guys i'm new here, just looking for some tailored opinions on my setup. I have an Automatic 09 ve sv6 sidi with 130000km's on clock I bought an xforce 2.25" catcback exhaust (which i kind of regret because i later found out i could fit a 2.5"). But I'm looking into buying some extractors...
  2. N

    Super 6 OTR Intake??

    Hey guys, I’m new here and I don’t know a whole heap about cars etc so I just want some input. I’ve got a completely stock 2004 VY Series 2 Super6 and I’m looking to put in an OTR intake as I’ve read it gives better gains than the Growler. Have any of you guys done this mod and got any...
  3. L

    [Ecotec] 2 Hole Air Intake Mod - VX Equipe Running Dual Fuel - I Need Some Help Please!

    Okay so first thing I'm new to the whole forum thing. So sorry if this is in the wrong place or something. But my question is In want to do the 2 hole air intake mod to my VX Equipe. 1. I am wondering if there are any negative effects from this mod? 2. It is a dual fuel car will I...
  4. B

    Removing Heater Assembly - (Primarily A/C lines)

    Hey everyone, new to both this forum and using forums in general so apologies in advance for any noob-ish material in this post. So I have recently had an issue with overheating, which has been narrowed down to a very tired heater core (absolutely no heat in cabin when engine temp is almost...
  5. R

    Rough Idle and Start Issue, My approach!

    Hi all interested forum members. Just before i get started I have read through lots of info about my VY berlina both on here and online. The community support from this forum is by far the best by far so thanks everyone. I decided against creating a large post re all my issues and what i...
  6. A

    Standard filter vs pod filter

    Is an oiled pod a good idea!? A mates given me one but I'm having second thoughts after reading reviews. Is it worth it do you think? Any negatives? Or outright positives? Any options would be great to hear. Thanks!
  7. RaptorBUDAH

    VE Omega Air Box Silencer

    Hi Guys, Some of the fellas and i are planning on a DIY air intake for the cars and i just wanted to double check on something before we go too far... Has anyone removed their air intake silencer box? and what happens if we do? Our plan is to start off from the throttle body, using some...
  8. N

    Yet another SAFETY MODE issue

    Hi guys, Long time observer, first time poster...I generally dont post on forums but am pretty desperate to have the 'safety mode - reduced power' issue on my VE SV6 06 resolved. Around 2 1/2 weeks ago, the safety mode - reduced power - messages appeared after being on the road for a good...
  9. Gilly91

    Metal tube on VS air intake sensor wire?

    Hi, My VS had the air intake wires taped up with electrical tape. Im guessing this is from the previous owner because it looked different to the tape around the rest of the wires in the engine bay. I took the suspicious tape off and found the air flow sensor wire and the wire that goes to the...
  10. VLC86

    pod filter with CAI setups

    hey guys.. iv been looking through all of the old threads about the pod filters vs. CAI. Just wanted to ask, i have seen on a few vl's that you can hook up a pod filter to the car, but also buy some parts that give direct air intake from below, behind the bumper. Its hard to explain, but i...
  11. JSTCOZ

    Pod Air Filter

    delete please searched and found the answer.
  12. 01VU2

    Another CAI question...

    Ok, firstly i apologise in advance for asking a question on this topic, i CAN use the search tool and i know theres squillions of threads on CAI's. HOWEVER im asking a pretty specific question and i cant seem to find the answer. SO, i have a vu series II ute and im servicing it and i was going...
  13. F

    Vz sv6 best air intake???? Help

    Hey I have an 05 vz sv6 with a full exhaust. I would like to get some kind of cold air intake system. i have heard of the "ss growler system" and "2nd hole" (NOT a Fan) and also heard of an "over the radiator system". i really dont know much about air intake so if anyone can give me a hand...
  14. A

    AIR INTAKE MOD COMPLETE - Better than 2-hole mod?

    ladz i have been playing around with my intake today and this is what ive come up with. an aluminium pipe leading from my air box to the ground in order to take in as much cold air as possible I, like a lot of other people dont believe in the 2 hole mod for various reasons. As for...