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  1. R

    Steering wheel question

    Hey all Have a 2002 Calais doing few things to get it roadworthy. Noticed the horn doesn’t work and the horn pad is very spongy I could almost sink my hand into it... another issue is the airbag light is on. So with these 2 things in mind my assumption is the airbag may have been deployed...
  2. V

    Vu n/a v6 manual to l67 super 6 manual

    Hi guys I reacently bought a l67 vt series 2 so that I could transplant its motor and all other related items into my vu series 2. I have a couple questions someone may be able to help 1. My vu doesn't have abs or traction control and the vt does, so is there a way of getting around putting the...
  3. G

    Car's playing up. All electrics lost.

    Hey guys. For some reason my VY (Berlina V6) has got a tummy ache of some sorts. The car was running and driving fine, everything was working like normal. Out of nowhere, I get a 'Check alternator' alert and then lose all of my electrics. Dash lights, cluster, head unit, headlights (both low...
  4. S

    Passenger Airbag

    Hi all. Just signed up and so new to here. Hope someone can help me out or point me in the right direction. I have a 96 Holden VS Calais and have that common problem as it seems where the dash passengers airbag cover has lifted up from the back. Winscreen end. Seems the foam underneath has...
  5. Ta Moo

    Airbag suspension

    Hi everyone, I brought a airbag suspension in ebay and it a boss kit drop in. After I install it. I try to ride on with air up also down, the air pump up slow and only reach to 35psi with hard pump up. it feeling like a very soft spring that went on the rock. Then after two hour. Going back in...
  6. N

    Replacing VT drivers seat - airbag removal

    Hello, I'm replacing the front seat on my VT Executive, the donor car has a side impact airbag and I would like to remove it rather than leave it there. I understand it can be dangerous and I don't want it to go off in my face while I'm removing it. I've peeled back the seat cover and exposed...
  7. P

    Airbag Fault/Dual Battery (Ex-Police)

    Hey guys, Recently bought a VE SS MY12.5, it's an ex-police vehicle (dual battery, trap mode, extra button near sunnies). Anyway, I occasionally get airbag fault show up just after start. Sometimes will do it while driving. Some days I don't see it at all. Had it at Holden for the 90k service...
  8. D

    VE Passenger Airbag Wiring *URGENT*

    So today I was pulling the dash apart to change the drivers top dash pad over in my VE Calais everything was going well until I started to put it all back together. I plugged the passenger airbag back in but then I noticed there was another plug on the other side of it and they wires had been...
  9. H

    Commodore ve ss 2007 stability control and airbag

    hey i had an accident in my VE and both front airbags blown up , the airbag alarm is not my problem , my problem is that the stability control is not working , some times after i reset the service the stability control works for a few seconds till i turn the steering wheel right and lift , is...
  10. B

    Installing Airbag Suspension In a VX

    I have been wanting to install airbags in my car for ages now and I just wanted to know what it looks like depending on the setup. For example I'm looking at a 'drop in' kit which essentially uses the factory bump stops to seat the bag. Has anyone got any photos of how the drop in kit looks...
  11. W

    VZ SV6 Seat Swap

    Hi guys, I have a 2005 VZ SV6 and the drivers side seat cushion has collapsed. I have bought another drivers side and passenger seat from another VZ SV6 and am currently changing the seats over. I have just realised that the seats i have bought do not have the yellow clip that connect to the...
  12. Mattde

    Rear Airbag Suspension

    So I'm considering getting airbags for the rear of my Sedan & was wondering if anyone could give me advice on the following: 1) How low does a standard kit drop down to? 2) How much further would it be with a "super low" (remove bump stops) kit and is this option even worth the hassle of...
  13. A

    A hello from KSA & a few issues with my Lumina..

    Hi fellow Holdeners.. I hail from Saudi Arabia.. I own a '04 Chevy Lumina LS(Commodre VZ) and came across this forum searching for repair manuals... I must say there are a lot of passionate people in here...!! I am passionate myself but lack the techincal know-how, although I try my best to...
  14. DmanVT

    air pressure gauge modification for light help :/

    hey all, i have a question, is it possible to put a light in behind the dial of a pressure gauge ( that doesnt have a light hole ) so it can be visible at night? i have a pressure gauge that i want to put in my car for my airbag tank, i was wondering if i could drill a hole in the back of...
  15. DmanVT

    Vt Commodore Sedan Lowered - Pedders touring springs - ride assist air bags

    Hi all i have a new mod in mind for my vt, I was wondering if i got pedders touring springs in the rear of my vt and put in the ride assist airbags if the bags would jack it up enough to give the look of airbags and to help get over speed humps, i went to pedders and asked them and they seemed...
  16. B

    Fitting new drivers seatbelt socket.VZ commodore

    Can anyone help me i am changing the seat belt socket on the drivers side of my VZ commodore and i was told it could set off the airbag. Does anyone know if that's true and what i can do to get around it?
  17. D

    Vy airbag need helpp!

    gday blokes, had a prang in my vy the other week and hardly any panel damage was done but the F**kin airbag decided to pop in my face, how would i go about gettin it replaced and how much usually cause i need it real bad but due to the air bag being deployed i could get pulled over etc...
  18. 6

    WTF VR Airbag Failure!

    Yesterday when leaving work I started my car only to have the airbag deploy in my face as the ignition turned the engine over. 1. The car was stationary (no crash) 2. No prior warning of any issue (no airbag light on dash) 4. The car started fine and kept running during and after the airbag...
  19. Woggster

    [NSW] VS/VR Commodore Parts!!

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEMS: 1) VS Commodore LSD Diff "dog tag" (Don't ask... it's a long story lol) 2) VS Commodore V6 Ecotec engine cover - Standard "silver/grey" colour in MINTcondition 3) Cover for a VS Commodore passenger airbag (The airbag isnt the problem, the part that...
  20. T

    VS S2 Airbag - how to tell if there is one?

    I'm looking at a VS S2 executive auto sedan at a dealer. This is for my mate. The dealer says it has an airbag, but I'm not convinced. I bought my VS S2 Executive manual from Reg Hunt back in 1997 (the last manual VS made!). It has the S-pack and clearly has a driver airbag. It says so on the...
  21. dylanfh

    VS Series II Airbag..

    Does anyone know if the front bit on a vs with airbag can be removed without taking out the airbag,because just where the horn buttons are on mine are cracked and i`d like to replace the cover.thanks
  22. B

    Fitting VZ fronts seat to a VT - Airbag connetor?

    Hi, I'm just in the middle of fitting a set of VZ berlina seats to my VT berlina. All fits well till I come to reconnecting the electrics. @ of the 3 plugs are the same, but the third is different. It has an extra pin. It appears to be the airbag connector. Has anyone done this before? Any help...