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  1. rtmpgt

    VF/VE Seat pinouts?

    Hi all, Can anyone provide pinouts for VE and VF seats? In particular i'd be after: which pairs of wires operate the airbags on both Which pairs of wires operate the seat sensors on both Which ones provide power and ground to the seat controls on both I'd also need to match those with VE...
  2. G

    VT-VZ Airbag suspension

    Hey guys, quick question about air bag suspension. Looking at buying a standard front and rear kit from Air Ride with the dual gauge and 4 switch panel (instead of a rocker switch or touch pad) Does anyone know if the switches and gauges are mounted in the boot where the tank setup goes, or...
  3. monstar

    Airbag Recall - what needs replacing

    Fed govt taking action on Takata airbags 9:38am Feb 28, 2018 The federal government is taking the unusual step of ordering a national recall of nearly four million cars fitted with deadly Takata airbags because it's unhappy with the industry response. It is one of the largest and most...
  4. A

    VF Wagon towing

    Hi, newbie here! I have a VT commodore pulling a converted 7x5 box trailer. Rear tyre blowout in outback Queensland.: Jack-knifed and rolled over....Insurance write off. Question is: do VF commodores have the same structural/suspension problem as the IRS found on the VTs?? Can i tow up to 1.5T/...
  5. B

    Issues with VY driver's seat

    Hi everyone. I have a few questions about seats and airbags. My 2003 VY Berlina's seat bottom broke, and is now sunken to one side. I got a new seat from a wreckers, but encountered a problem when installing it. My old broken seat has an airbag. The new one doesn't (came from different model...
  6. V

    VY or VZ?

    What month defines the commodore to be a VZ ? I have a November 2003 Cross8 is it a VY, VYII, VZ? Also being a Cross 8 crewman does it have airbags in the seats. Need seat covers and need to know if they need to be airbag compatible.
  7. V

    Lowering my VZ SVZ (need help urgently)

    Hey Guys, I bought some SSL rear springs and am currently in the market for SL front springs. Im looking to replace my stock springs asap. My current rear suspension comes with the factory airbags to adjust the height of the car if something is being towed. Firstly I was wondering if anyone...
  8. O

    Passenger airbag fault after sound system upgrade

    Had the sound system upgraded (speakers, amps, sub-base) by a professionals. When I got the car back, it started throwing airbag codes:- SDM B0019 - passenger airbag squib circuit stage 1 voltage performance - not present SDM B0020 - passenger airbag squib circuit stage 2 voltage performance...
  9. Gilly91

    Starting VX SS with deployed airbags

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a donor car which is a VX SS that has been written off due to having a front on accident. I am using the LS1 and 6 speed out of it for a project car. Don't have any experience with VX Commodores or airbags but the accident set the airbags off and apparently the car...
  10. H

    Holden vs airbag standard or option?

    I have a holden vs made 1996/02 I took it for a roadworthy and got knocked back because it doesn't have airbags but the is no airbag plug behind the steering wheel for an airbag so just wanting to know if it was an option or was standard for that year
  11. J

    Brought Seats with side airbags. my car didnt come with them. should i remove them

    I brought some vz sv6 seat for my vx. the seats have side airbags in them but my cars old seat didnt have them. should i remove them as the plug is not connect to anything? or should i leave them in. and they shouldnt randomly deploy on me as hey are not connected.
  12. W

    vy airbags

    i put an aftermarket headunit into my vy and there was only two connectors on the new wirirng connector to my head unit leaving an unused connector coming from my car..this resulted in me now having my srs light on my dash coming on when my headunit is on and the screen saying check...
  13. R

    Airbagged VS

    Has anyone bagges a VS. Im looking at a bag kit on ebay for a solid axle VS. Couldnt see it too hard installing the bags. How much work and how hard is it to install the compressor and airlines etc. Im guessing the compressor is mounted in the boot.??? Is there much noise in the cabin from the...