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  1. jasevessvR

    [NSW] WTB VE II L98 Wagon Parts (Manual)

    ITEM: stock airbox including Maf, and full stock exhaust LOCATION: NSW but open to offers CONDITION: Used PRICE: Let me know please DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Other CONTACT DETAILS: 0425303667 OTHER INFO: needs to fit a manual...
  2. N

    VS V8 Airbox in a V6

    Hey guys, looking at getting a VS V8 airbox with the OTR pipe in my S pack, wondering if the airbox of the v8 is the same as the v6, hoping to just take the bottom half of the box with the pipe and put it straight in, but i gotta make sure it's the same size before i go and buy one, cheers :)
  3. Randymate

    Is this a sensor?

    Hey everyone, so i have bought a VY Series 2 S Pack, second hand obviously and i was going through the engine bay when i found a male connector disconnected and what looks to be a resistor stuck into the end of it with two prongs.. It is located at the air box which has a free female connector...
  4. meady_183

    [VIC] WANTED: couple of vt-vz parts. airbox, radiator shroud (cover)

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: 1. Looking for a standard vt-vz lower airbox from either v8 or v6 (someone put a big hole in mine) 2. Looking for a radiator shroud from a vt-vz V8 or alloytec v6 LOCATION: Victoria - South Eastern Suburbs (Frankston) CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK...
  5. M

    [QLD] WTB: HSV VY Series 2 Airbox (Bottom half will do)

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: HSV VY Series 2 Airbox (Bottom half will do) LOCATION: QLD / Wide Bay CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Willing to pay postage/shipping costs or travel to pick up if not too far. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, Bank Transfer, Paypal...
  6. Vy S SC

    [NSW] Stock VY V6 Supercharged air box, snorkel and K&N air filter

    ITEM: VY V6 Airbox with snorkel that goes over the side of the radiator and a K&N Pannel filter to suit from my S/C VY K&N panel filter has been used for less than 4,000Kms and cost me $100 from Auto-one LOCATION: Wollongong NSW PRICE: $120 ONO PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up from Wollongong...