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  1. Adrian's Vr

    A/c wiring

    Went to get my ac regassed and got it given back because if wiring, i fixed the compressor wiring but now it still wont turn on, relay/fuse is ok, im aware that it may not turn on because it has no gas, but the little green wire connected to the compressor isn't getting power on the volt meter...
  2. jonny6guns

    Aircon condensor

    Just quick question..if i have a small hole in condensor in front of radiator can i still drive car...is it radiator ..water related,im thinkin not
  3. O

    ZB vs VF Climate Control

    Hi y'all...I'm new to this site and joined the forum as Holden and its dealers (surprise) have been unable to assist. I've transitioned from a VF2 to a ZB (why you may ask-another story) and in the VF2, the HVAC was sweet. I could set the dial to a certain temperature, push the aircon button...
  4. RorzaaBoy

    Fitting for a/c drier broke, cant find replacement

    I was driving to a mates place, when all of a sudden.. BOOM!! Radiator explodes, along with it a nut/fitting for the a/c drier. Ive got a new radiator but cant find a replacement for that fitting anywhere.. please help I drive a vr wagon with 3.8l ecotec

    In car smell

    So my 2014 VF SS ute has this odd smell inside which only comes around the next day after running my aircon. Its almost like a vinegary chemical smell but also smells like damp mould or urine. Car is always garaged and hardly driven so theres no cats to piss on the vents. When the aircon has...
  6. V

    A/C power not working

    Hi everyone, I am new to this and i am sorry if it has been asked before but cant find anything similar to our problem. Our 2008 Holden commodore V6 ve's air conditioning keeps switching off. It is the whole center part that loses power. Not just the a/c but the stereo aswell. We think it's a...
  7. S

    Changing vy aircon/heater controls

    So I’m looking at swapping out my air con controls (the one with the knobs) and switching it out for one with the buttons and the digital readout. Just wondering if anyone has done this or knows how hard it is? Whether it is just an out and in job or modifications need to be done.
  8. J

    2012 VE s2 head unit and aircon not working

    I went to start my car the other day the head unit screen is black and the aircon is blowing full ball cold the buttons for the aircon don’t work. The hazards don’t either. No sound etc comes through. I’ve disconnected the battery for 15 minutes when turning the car back in the aircon will stop...
  9. D

    VE Aircon won't blow on head setting only legs

    My Aircon only blows/works on legs and the windscreen when I start the car but if I turn the car off and back on it'll work on the head setting, what' the go??
  10. A

    Aircon blows on front window vent under vaccumm

    So i know allot of people have this problem but mines weird. I have a vaccumm gauge. And under vaccumm the aircon will automatically switch the the windshield vent, and when im going down a hill engine breaking, it will switch back to the face like i selected, and blow ice cold air like i want...
  11. V

    Aircon won't turn on

    Hi guys Iv got a 2012 series 2 Ve commodore, the problem I'm having is the aircon won't turn on. The little symbol on the displays the frosty symbol has off underneath it. When I press the aircon button to turn it on it does nothing , even if I turn the demister on which should automatically use...
  12. S

    HVAC Recirculation Turning on Automatically (POLLUTION MODE OFF)

    Hey guys, first post on the forum so I hope I've got it in the right place :) I have owned a 2006 WM Statesman as my first car since Feb, and she has been my absolute pride and joy, reliable, comfortable, and a hit with mates. However, I have been having a small problem with the air con that...
  13. S

    02 VX ACCLAIM Series II

    Hi all, I've just bought a VX ACCLAIM SERIES II & I have some questions, issues. Firstly, when I turn my fans on in my car I have it set to 'face' but it keeps switching back & forth from windscreen to face, any idea why? Or what I could do? Next, when I turn my car on, only the passenger...
  14. B

    VE II Aircon only blowing at feet (HELP)

    Hi guys So a week or so ago, completely out of the blue my air-con decided that it will now only blow air out from the foot-well and rear passenger vents. I can basically feel my wallet getting significantly lighter at the thought of taking it to the mechanics to get fixed so i'm looking into...
  15. B

    VT Aircon Vacuum Issue

    hi all Just look for some advise with fixing this annoying problem, when the aircon is on and under acceleration or up hill it transfers from face vents to up the window, was told it's a vacuum problem. Had anyone else had this issue before and how did you fix it? Looking to give her a birthday...
  16. K

    Help! Opinions please

    I have a 2007 Holden VE commodore, I have no heater or dimisters & the airconditioning is only blowing on the feet. My radio works fine however my AUX sometimes plays up and only works from the left speaker or gives the sound like the cord isn't plugged in properly.. With a little thump on the...
  17. S

    Dodgey Aircon VF SS 2014

    Hi Guys, My SS the Aircon has just started to only blow Hot air even on cold and on LO. Is this common ? is their an easy fix? i went to Holden and the service guy was rude and sort of made me feel like i was wasting his time. Its an Ex Police Car maybe they used all the gas eating cakes and...
  18. M

    Knocking noise

    Hi all. First time poster. Been using the forum for ages to help fix my car but can't seem to find my issue this time. I have a knocking noise coming from the engine when the air con is running. I read the forums saying it may be a leaf stuck in the blower but the noise is much more sinister...
  19. F

    VS Berlina A/C Vacuum Leak

    Hey all, So my 1995 VS Berlina Sedan with the slightly more upmarket Climate Control has been doing the seemingly very common thing (from what I've read online) of switching the air-flow from face to feet when I accelerate/drive uphill. This is obviously getting more and more frustrating as...
  20. P

    Front footwell aircon vents not working

    Hi all My foot well air vents aren't working and was wondering if anyone knows the fix ? If i select only the footwell, the air will only come through the dash vents no air comes from the footwell even when the ac is on full blast Every other air vent works fine Not sure if its the...
  21. klavins

    New headunit no air con

    Installed a Calais headunit into my Omega Series 1. Radio and CD, reversing sensors, and rear demister work fine. However, all the front air vents don't work like the front demister and air con. I have programed the headunit successfully but when I try to read the HVAC 93C66WP EEPROM it shows...
  22. N

    Help with Air Con Controls (HVAC)

    Hey guys, recently I've decided to put my interior back to stock color. The only problem is I've lost some of the globes for my air con control. I went to u pull it to try find some gloves but all the units are different. Mines from a VX so I can't pull the front facing off like you can with...
  23. J

    VE omega Radio,aircon fan turns itself off

    Hi, My VE omega radio turns off after driving for about 5 minutes and won't turn back on until the car has been parked for awhile. Then sometimes it will then turn on only to turn itself off again after about 5 mins. driving. Thought it might be the fuse but if that was the case it would just...
  24. A

    VY Aircon problems

    Hi all, I am in the progress of getting my vy ute ready to sell it but i have to fix a few minor problems with it, one being the air-conditioner. The aircon still gets cold however the fan that pushes the cold air out has seemed to stop working so i only feel the aircon when driving and...
  25. V

    VL Aircon always makes hissing noise and only comes out top vents.

    The air con in my VL has started making a constant hissing noise no matter which setting you choose. Air only comes out the top vents where it defrosts the windscreen. Ive been told that it could be a vacuum leak. Any tips would be appreciated. Cheers.
  26. Holden1856

    VY Air Con Won't Blow Air

    My 02 VY Calais won't blow any air out any vents, it doesn't matter what fan setting i have it on nothing comes out. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Kieran.
  27. K

    AIRCON leak - not cold, what could it be? More info

    My 1996 VS was bought with no aircon, with the fan on and the temperature on cold, it's room temperature. when i turn the A/C on aswell, i hear a hissing sound, and when i turn it off it stops. sound is coming from the left side of the dash. what should i troubleshoot first? thanks alot
  28. S

    98 vt air con problem

    hi all the misses just brought a 98 vt commodore and when we turn the knob to change the vents nothing happens its stuck on dimister any ideas whats wrong with it thanks in advance.
  29. paulio14

    VE SV6 07 Aircon refuses to turn on!! PLEASE HELP ITS GETTING HOT!!

    Hey guys, as said above i have an 07 ve sv6 commdore. I have an aftermarket fascia installed (looks like bus controls) with a pioneer head unit. My problem is the aircon wont turn on. I press the button and it the head unit recognises it so all the fan settings come up but the air con wont...
  30. B

    vn air con pulley

    help! I cant figure out how to get my air con pulley off. the bearing is shot. If I knew how it comes off I feel sure I could do it thanks in advance for any help
  31. J

    Pulled off my aircon heater hot/cold selector dial - now doesn't work

    Hi All, I have a VS2 97 Exec. I did a stupid thing and instead of referring here I went to install stereo by ear... thought how hard can it be, have done it in other cars before easily. Essentially what I did is actually pull of the dial that selects warm and cold (then the little spindle...
  32. R

    how to clean evaporator without removing it, accessing via passenger foot space?

    Hi, I know in my old Falcon I could get to a small area of my aircon evaporator to manually clean it, by removing a piece under the glovebox. I have taken my VT into an aircon place in the past where they've charged $75 to do a similar thing. It needs doing again, badly. Can anyone tell me...
  33. S

    climate control

    i was wondering if it was possible to change the manual knob style airconditionor and fan controls to an electrical climate control type with a screen? is this possible or does the main car computer need to be reprogrammed etc
  34. C

    LCD control unit dead - no aircond/radio etc. on WM Statesman - HELP!

    Hi guys, Hope someone can help as my car is no longer under warranty (due to klms) - is a 2007 WM V6 Statesman and amongst a heap of things that have gone wrong with it the latest was intermittent but now is permanent. The centre screen that controls everything has shutdown - I'd taken it...
  35. SiKC.VR

    fan not blowing out of dash - VR

    i have a climate control system, it doesnt blow out of the dash, u can hear the fan working but only blows under the dash (floor) my guess is a leaking or disconnected vacuum hose, i checked around the engine bay nothing seems to be out of place, took off the centre fascia and there was a square...
  36. M

    VX Equipe II Aircon Problem...

    My aircon work's fine when i have it on the fan setting 1, 2 or 3 but when i go Max Setting or wateva it is, it just just completly shuts off. Any ideas on what this could be and how i can fix it? Thanks.
  37. A

    1999 VT2 - Multiple Issues + Poor knowledge of cars

    Hi All, I've recently purchase a '99 VT2 commodore and after about 3 months have started having a host of issues with it. 1. Turning issue: when i am turning right (even more so when going through roundabouts) the steering feels delayed, and the steering wheel is harder to turn. On 2 seperate...
  38. Airwave

    vn Cam Change

    Hello guys, Ok, i am about to attempt a cam change on my VN v6. i know all that i have to do but, the Condenser is in the way. i realise that it has to be removed, but that means i have to do a re-gas on an R12 system if i want to keep air con. but that involves retrofitting a r134a system...
  39. R

    AC/Heater mode dial not working?

    Hi guys, I have had my VT Wagon for about a month and so far everything has been good until now. I just took it away for the weekend 3 hours drive away from home. Everything was fine on the way and I did not use the car for the two days until I hopped in to go home. It was a really hot day...
  40. W

    Demister and Fan problem

    Hi guys, The rear demister and fan in my vs has been a problem for quite a while. basically they come on whenever they feel like it, and as time goes on they feel like it less and less. Im leaning towards the direction of a loose cable or something they are either both on or both off...