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aircondition. aircon

  1. J

    2014 VF SS Aircon failure

    Has anyone experienced issues with their aircon? We had issues in the first 2 weeks of a leak and this was replaced along with the carpet on the front...but today we just spent $420 on having our aircon fixed as it needed a regass and a hose replaced. It started blowing hot air about a week ago...
  2. L

    Coolant leak VZ Adventra alloytec

    Hello All, I have read as many posts as possiable before posting this one but i can not find that i'm after. I seem to have a small coolant seep coming from the lower radiator intake, hope this makes sense - from the radiator water goes into rubber hose then into a steel pipe to the back...
  3. H

    Overflowing VY

    Hi I recently purchased a VY and havent had any problems for a week or so, now ever since i turned on the aircon the car heats up and begins to overflow brown transparent liquid. Now even when the aircon isnt on the car still overheats and overflows. Any feedback or comments would be much...