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  1. Adrian's Vr

    A/c wiring

    Went to get my ac regassed and got it given back because if wiring, i fixed the compressor wiring but now it still wont turn on, relay/fuse is ok, im aware that it may not turn on because it has no gas, but the little green wire connected to the compressor isn't getting power on the volt meter...
  2. Josh howlett

    Vz acclaim aircon issue

    Hi guys im having an issue with the aircon its only coming out foot well vents and demister window vent. When i change aircon vent position you can hear the vacum noise when turning selector. I also checked the vacum line in engine bay that comes in through the firewall its still connected...
  3. Cody Jayne

    Overheating and aircon not working?? SV6 2009 VE sportswagon

    hey everyone! Having some issues and would love some opinions on what’s going on! My car has 255,000ks, no leaks or anything like that and I get her serviced on time. My oil, coolant and water are all filled up (not over filled) The only issue I have is my transmission on the computer is...
  4. B

    VT Aircon Vacuum Issue

    hi all Just look for some advise with fixing this annoying problem, when the aircon is on and under acceleration or up hill it transfers from face vents to up the window, was told it's a vacuum problem. Had anyone else had this issue before and how did you fix it? Looking to give her a birthday...
  5. A

    VZ Calais V6 aircon not working!

    Hey Guys and Gals, I am new to this forum so this is to introduce myself and I also need some help in regards to my aircon in my VZ alloytec Calais. The aircon turns on and I have full control all round but it is not cold at all, it seems to be just pushing through outside temp air or engine...
  6. C

    VT 98 Commodore SS 5.0L 304 a/c compressor

    Hi all, suffering the usual a/c problems, red devil quoted $120 new o rings and free regas after already paying 140 first time (diagnostics). Compressor makes it icy cold only holds the air for 4-5 days, ran a UV light over the whole system, the compressor is leaking from what looks like a...
  7. T

    Smoke from Air Con Vents

    I am getting a light brown vapour/smoke coming out of my Holden 99 VT Acclaim centre air con vents. Here are the clues: a) After driving for some time (more than 30min on the highway at 110 km/h) light brown smoke starts to come out of the centre console vents. At first slightly, then heavy...
  8. W

    vp calais commodore front winscreen airvents not working?

    Hi all just picked up my first car and first commodore and need a bit of help it is a 1993 vp calais hsv enhanced everything is working fine except for the aircon vents at the windshield and the cruise control any ideas on whats wrong? any help will be appreciated cheers!
  9. H

    VE Calais V A/C Cuts Out

    Hi, I got a Ve Calais V 2006 about 3 months ago and lately since the weather has been heating up my A/C had been cutting out on me!! I'll turn it on and after a few mins it will just stop! its very fustrating with a hot car and leather seats.Its just been for its 75,000km service and the...
  10. L

    VZ air con issies

    Hello all, I have had to replace the condenser and reciever dryer on my car, I have re-gassed it with HR-12 (I have an ac license and perfer this gas), The issue I have is that the engine fans seem to switch on when the pressure reaches 230- 250 PSI (the pressure of 134a), does anyone know...
  11. S

    climate control

    i was wondering if it was possible to change the manual knob style airconditionor and fan controls to an electrical climate control type with a screen? is this possible or does the main car computer need to be reprogrammed etc