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  1. S

    Factory Alarm Arm & Disarm Wires?

    Hi All, Attempting to install an aftermarket alarm on my car and i have gone through the workshop manual however i still cannot find how to arm the factory alarm using the aftermarket unit, can some drop a wiring pinout or lead me to the correct wires for the factory arm & disarm? The door lock...
  2. Nicccoleee1

    Car alarm goes off hours after I lock my car

    So like I said in the title, my car alarm will go off a few hours after I lock my car for about 30 seconds and then switch itself off. It won’t go off if my car is unlocked. It started when my battery was dying and so I bought a new one but it’s still going off! Any ideas on why my alarm keeps...
  3. Ratbird1

    Seat belt alarm issue VE Thunder

    Hey guys recently in the last month my passenger seat belt alarm has come up on my dash and hasn’t gone away. I.E soon as I start my car it thinks someone is sitting in the seat and starts the chime. I have replaced the pre tensioner hoping it was that but no luck. The only way I can get rid...
  4. S

    Help with key fob

    Took battery out of my vx commodore and broke of the metal part that's soldering to the bottom of battery and circuit board. Left ignoring on for 6 hours and no immobiliser off. My vt worked but vx hasn't .don't bother with saying locksmith etc. I'm a backyard lol ain't have funds for new 1. Any...
  5. H

    Replacing battery without alarm going off

    Hi, had a quick look but couldn't find an answer to this. Let the battery in my VY Executive run flat recently. As soon as I connected the jumper cables to get it going, the alarm went off. I've now removed the battery and charged it, but when reinstalling it, am I going to set the alarm off...
  6. H

    Changed battery, car won't turn over, alarm set off VN

    I have a Holden VN and a slight issue with my starter motor so I changed batteries, which resulted in an alarm being set off and now she won't turn over. The alarm is a cheeta brand with a key located in the engine bay, I never have used it. I tried turning the key on the alarm but it doesn't...
  7. danielnitschke

    VX Commodore - Fitted with Alarm?

    Hello Team, First post here. I own a 2002 VX Commodore Acclaim (Series II). I'm unsure if its fitted with an alarm, though it seems like it is. When the vehicle is locked and armed, interfering with the bonnet, doors, boot etc seems to trigger some sort of setting, where the blinkers...
  8. V

    Stinger alarm flashing lights with no sound

    Hello, my car used to make a chirp when locked but for a while now it's done nothing. The factory alarm still works so I haven't bothered to fix it - (Why would somebody have a second alarm installed anyway?!) Sometimes when I press lock twice to deadlock the car (VY Commodore) the Stinger alarm...
  9. M

    vx electrical problem help!

    well it all started about a month ago. the problems with my car are - fog lights switch off while driving then switch back on. no power running to my head unit, when head unit was working always used to restart when i used to put indicators on or lights on. alarm goes off randomly when car...
  10. P

    BCM and key stubb replacement alarm issue!!! aarrggghhh!!!

    hello very new VY ss LS1 owner here nice to meet you all, and thank you for your attention to the finer details that i do not know :) I have just brought a month ago a VY totally modified car from a large company that had the hp factory look AFTER THE BUILD:) god bless them however as it is...
  11. M

    No alram after changing bcm

    I have recently upgraded my bcm from a 315 low bcm to a 212 Mid bcm and have relinked them with my tech 2 since then no matter what i do the alram will not trigger or go off.. it used to go off with my orginal bcm but not with this one.. it does seem to make some sort of nosie alram nosie...
  12. generic_kezza

    Security System Star Rating???

    Does anyone know what star rating the security system in a vz ss ute would have? My insurance company has givin me a $7000 theft excess because they dont know. So any ideas?
  13. WazzaVN

    VP Calais Alarm

    G'day I bought my VP Calais about 2 years ago and have never been able to get the alarm to do anything. I have the little Zadi key and have fount the lock in the door jam, But when i turn the key nothing really changes. Sometimes the red light starts to flash, Once the Press Remote light was...
  14. V

    removing alarm vn hsv+6 help

    ok i have a vn hsv+6 1991 (my project) and the factory alarm is on the frits i was wondering is there a way i could take it out and if so how would i go about doing it or is it built into the computer or something like that
  15. S

    VT faulty alarm

    Hi guys, my VT alarm is faulty as. It keeps going off so I have had to turn the speaker off to stop it annoying everyone but my lights still flash all the time. Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks
  16. Longy188

    VZ Central Locking Alarm!

    Gday i was wandering if someone was able to help me or put me in the right direction, i have a VZ SV6, and for some reason it has just started acting weird when i lock the car it alarms as if there is a door ajar or open and when i check eash door boot bonnet etc they are all closed and shut...
  17. Denno

    Car alarm DIY or go for a Pro?

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering who would be the best people to install a Python 902 car alarm into my 01 VX Commodore Lumina? I bought it from JB HiFi and the guy said they'll charge roughly 150-200. Is it possible to get a better price somewhere in South Australia? (I live down south -...
  18. Kye20

    Car Alarm Problem - VY

    I have a VY S pac sedan and have been having some trouble with the stock alarm. When car is locked with the remote, sometimes a few hours later alarm will sound. Dash reports that it was set of by a Passanger Door. Wondering if anyone has had this problem, and what to look at. If i cant do...
  19. somefool

    can anyone interpret?? relay wiring.

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of installing an alarm system, CD player and LEDs + fixing broken stuff from dodgy previous installer. I'm up to wiring in the starter motor kill relay but am somewhat lost as to interpreting the diagrams that came with the alarm. As far as i can gather, it...
  20. V

    VY Commodore Broken into :( !!!!!!!!!NO ALARM ACTIVATED!!!!!!!!!!

    Just had some f*&#ing lowlife bastard break into my car at a shopping centre carpark, put a brick through the back drivers side window, Stolen: Sony DVD XAV-W1 Media Centre Head unit Ipod adapter for sony head unit Ipod Classic 120GB Neon lighting kit What bothers me the most is the fact...