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  1. Jessi Meekin


    PLEASE HELP ME!!!! So I’m wanting to get an OBD1 BLUETOOTH/WIFI scanner for my 1992 VP Holden Commodore. I’ve been told I have a 6 pin adapter located where the glove box is and that an OBD2 scanner won’t work in my car as it’s fairly old... I’ve been looking on eBay and so far I’ve had no...
  2. M

    Correct Scan Tool/Cable/Adapter?

    Am looking to do some diagnostic work to: 1. Read a check engine code 2. Clear an airbag warning light 3. Bluetooth some live engine data to an app on my phone to monitor/troubleshoot it as I drive along Please note the paper clip trick has not helped (shows code 12) in regards to issue...
  3. I

    Serial data connector (aldl)

    Hi guys, ive been trying to troubleshoot my aldl connector as to why its not working with another member on this forum and i still haven't been able to get it working. things that have been suggested. - test for 12v between pin 5 and 16 (pass) - test that the CEL is working by shorting out...
  4. S

    VR GTS 5.7 in VH need ALDL help

    Hey all i put a VR GTS engine in my VH using the factory HSV computer but i used a VN loom, it all runs sweet but im not sure how to hook up an ALDL cable as the VN and VR have a different diagnostic plugs, can any one help?
  5. V

    vp starts but wont rev

    i recently bought a vp v6 wagon and was told the only thing it needed to run was a fuel pump and ignition switch. i replaced both of those and the car starts but, the first few times it starts, it will only run for about 30 seconds then stall. after that, it could run anywhere between 5mins -...
  6. U

    Tuning VS V8 Ignition timing

    Hi All, Could anyone plz help with these two queries. I'm trying to tune the ignition timing on my VS Executive V8, 355 Stroker; but I ran into two problems: 1) The beast has a Haltech E6GMX computer (with MSD 6A ignition) - but according to the repair manual I need to set the computer to...