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  1. ThatWhiteVS

    LWT 17x7.5 Alloy Wheels

    Hi all, I have one alloy wheel off a car I wrecked a while back. It is a LWT brand wheel in the size of 17x7.5. Just looking for more info or if someone wants it. cheers
  2. moocow

    respraying vs berlina alloys?

    my vs berlina has stock alloys and I'm seriously tempted to respray them black. just wondering what your opinions are and how exactly I would go about doing this? if anyone has done this some pics and or tips would be fantastic =)
  3. J

    painting the rims

    hello world, i got a black ve sv6...the stock alloys aren't bad...so thinking about painting them black too for now instead of upgrading them. has anyone done this yet? how much should it cost? and what do you think in general? so far wheelworx in adelaide quote 700$ for 4 rims +...
  4. A

    [VIC] 4x Genuine VY-Spac 16 inch wheels and tyres great condtition $350

    ITEM: Five Genuine VY s-pac wheels and tyres excellent condition LOCATION: Melbourne, Western Suburbs CONDITION: Barely Used PRICE: $650 Negotiable or Make an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up only PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM, Phone (PM for number)...