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alloytec v6

  1. S

    Intake mods Alloytec

    Sorry if there's already a thread on this, but I haven't been able to find one. Just bought a VZ Exec. wagon (175kw), and was wanting to up the power a bit. Unfortunatley, due to the missus being in her P's, I'm limited as to what I can do (have to keep it 130kw/t). One idea I've been playing...
  2. R

    vz v6 timing chain

    Yo, -timing chain replacement looking for advice . Alligment of chains seem to be out by a few links , do i discard the chain markings and go off the bottom oil pump sprocket and line the dots to continue stage one . cheers
  3. N

    jerk at low RPM help please

    Ever since I bought this car its been jerking at low RPM. Not quite sure if it happens whilst accelerating or decelerating but it's in between 1000 - 2000 RPM. The car has done 97000 and the engine light comes only sometimes. Could this be the timing chain? I'm not sure if it's only the...
  4. D

    Holden VZ SV6 Alloytec Power Train issues + Thermostat issues

    Hey, just quickly i have minimal mechanical experience so terms etc could be wrong So iv been having this issue where my temp gauge is going back and forth from medium to hot.. iv check coolant it only took a little less then a liter and this did stop the problem from being so frequent till...
  5. akarshmalikal

    Confused my Alloytec is 175 or 190

    Hello, I am using 2005 VZ Berlina, I purchased last year and the owner was not having any manual or other specification documents with him. I am confused is my alloytec V6 175 or 190. Is there any way to find it using vin no or any number. Please let me know :) thanks in advance.
  6. J

    Engine Transplant + other mods/Issues

    Decided to post some photos of this now, Engine Change was done Late 2012 Due to a dodgy engine oil sender, and a very bad leak I did a big end bearing And when the engine was going back in it went in bucky and blew the Transmission oil pump (Yes i know i should have bolted them together...
  7. D

    [VIC] WTB: Alloytec V6 Headers/Extractors

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted To Buy ITEM: Headers/Extractors for VE Alloytec V6 LOCATION: Victoria CONDITION: New or Used is fine DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Willing to pay for freight or pickup if location is close. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, Bank Deposit, PayPal CONTACT DETAILS: Reply...
  8. L

    VZ V6 Alloy tec auto extractors and cats

    Hi, Does anyone know or have spare or used extractors or cats for a V6 Alloy Tec Auto ute? I had an exhaust installed extractors back and i am wanting to go back to standard, i've had problems with it and i'm over it. Pleasde help! Thanks =)
  9. M

    VE SV6 Engine

    Hey Guys. Sorry if i posted this in the wrong place. I am currently looking for a 2009 SV6 engine. just wondering if anyone knew any places/websites that they could recommend because i have been searching for ages and still cant seem to find anything. Much Appreciated :D
  10. jonwilliams76

    VZ V6 175kw Exhaust

    Have been getting bad fuel economy.... have been wondering what exhaust to get... rang 5 local exhaust shops’ all told me something different... Want something with no drone... little noise... does anyone have a video of there own.. or some advise would be helpful
  11. C

    vz alloytec extractor/high flow cat problems

    i recently installed a set of di fillipo extractors and high flow cats for my vz storm ute but it has sort of backfired on me my car has brought up a drive train error and it seems to rattle when i start it. also my engine is telling me it has overheated and the engine is only warm to the...