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  1. F

    VE v6 tuning and longevity / reliability

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience and feedback regarding tuning a v6 alloytec. I was thinking of getting an OTR, tune, cams and maybe an exhaust (very big maybe on the exhaust). Im not really after power figures as such but just to change up the ride i suppose. I...
  2. Dechlan Tutty

    VZ Alloytec 190 Sump Plug/Washer Sizes?

    Hi everyone, Gonna change the sump plug crush washer for this next service as I've noticed about a 1-drip-per-day leak on my driveway right under the plug's location where I park the car. Does anyone know the size of the crush washer I need? (Obviously can't measure it because it's still on...
  3. F

    Weird engine knock

    Hey guys, i have a strange light knocking noise that i can hear when i'm just idling (when the engine is hot / cold). Ive attached a link where i did my best to capture the sound (its easier to hear on full volume). First thing that popped into my head was engine knock but i don't hear it at all...
  4. J

    Alloytec vacuum leak (cant locate)

    There is a vacuum leak or gushing of air sound coming from the right side of the engine just behind the power steering fluid reservoir and somewhere around the oil filter housing. Ive Checked over all the hoses and haven't been able to find anything. I was thinking it could be the manifold...

    VZ Alloytec Running Rough + Maxing at 4000rpm

    Hi, I have a VZ that has just started running rough when first started and goes away after a short drive. I just changed the fuel filter and same problem. I though I would rev it up in N and P and it will only go to 4000rpm. Thanks in advance
  6. K

    safety mode vz commodore v6

    so sometimes my car will chuck itself into safety mode reduced performance whether i’m already driving or does it on start up, what can i do about this? thank you
  7. rtmpgt

    rtmpgt's super-happy-fun-time LLT mod thread.

    Hi all, So this is a bit of a megathread. It's all to do with the mods i'm making to the LLT that's in my ute. Part 1: Active Exhaust McGuffins. So I'm in the process of developing a few things for my Ute's LLT. I've recently installed HSV Bimodal mufflers, and wanted to actually get them...
  8. M

    VF Evoke missfire (shudder) at idle and at 1500rpm

    Hi all, putting this post up for my mum as I'm trying to do my best to not have her spend money at a mechanic. So story goes like this Mums car (2014 Holden evoke sports wagon) has a 3.0 v6 so basically a lfx or an alloytec, about 10 months ago mums car developed a slight missfire at around...
  9. Fu Manchu

    [General] Alloytec Engine Assembly

    Found this great video showing the assembly process of the Alloytec engine. Might help someone. This one is twin turbo, but you get the idea. If only they put a twin turbo 3.6ltr in a Commodore. (Yeah, I know what I'm saying).
  10. Brayden3223

    Coil pack engine loom

    Hey guys so I just changed my thermostat and that’s something I never want to do again, I’ve just reassembled everything and tried to turn the engine over and it won’t go, I forgot to plug in a single cable but I can’t exactly work out where it’s meant to go? I can’t see any plugs near or around it
  11. Fu Manchu

    Codes P0008, P0009, P0016, P0017, P0018 & P0019

    Found this juicy nugget of info. So timing chains may not always be why timing is incorrect. Movement of the tone wheel can be a problem. Of course, it means the engine is pretty much fkd. Have to replace the crank...
  12. Berlina&Jag guy

    PCV or MAP sensor issues not sure what’s next to try fix.

    Shortly after doing a service on my 06 alloytec the check powertrain warning came up and so I used a cheapo OBD2 dongle to find the fault and got a reading of P0105: Manifold Absolute Pressure/ Barometric Pressure Circuit. Most people seem to say that this usually indicates a vacuum leak and...
  13. Vonix

    Vz Missfire

    Hey guys, my vz is miss firing fairly bad, espicially @1900rpm, in 5th gear. The idle isnt rough, occasional surge when air cons on, obd2 picked up no codes, the misfire usually happens at 1900rpm with some throttle. Any ideas?
  14. Vonix

    VZ knocking issue

    Hi guys, so my vz calais (v6 190kw) has this weird knock, misfire or surge like issue, so it mostly only when im on the highway and in roughly 1900rpm, and i give it a little bit of throttle, the car seems to bog down and theres a noticible knock from the car, hard to tell where from, either...
  15. Berlina&Jag guy

    Don’t always assume timing chain!

    Thought I’d post a quick note to describe my recent engine issues- vz alloytec 3.6 with about 207,000k Was way down on power, running rough and check powertrain was coming on all the time especially if I tried to apply any force or go up a hill too quick. Fuel economy had gone off the chart...
  16. J

    Vz Ute problems

    Have a 3.6 vz ute, recently done timing chains in it. Put it together drove ok but water pump leaked due to a damaged bolt so took timing cover off fixed that put back together it started and drove now it won't start I turn the key and there is a delay for the reds coming on and the tacho moves...
  17. B

    Need serious help with my engine

    hi guys, i know i’ve been posting in this forum like crazy ever since i got my new secondhand engine.. it is a 3.6 alloytec.. just wanting some second opinions before i go putting it in my car. i had a look under the lower intake manifold and noticed that the valves in 5 cylinders are closed...
  18. 5

    Motor swap and conversion

    To put an 05 VZ alloytec and 6sp manual box into an Auto 06 VE Omega, would that be a stuff about or what? How would I go about doing that with the possibility the ecu and computer won’t plug in. Worked on about every other car bar a Holden.
  19. Adrian's Vr

    VR V6 verses VE V6

    Im gonna start a fued. What is actually faster, A VR v6 or a VE v6 (3L and 3.6L)?
  20. Aymen Pedram

    3.6L LLT SIDI Just finished changing chains.. A bit confused HELP!

    Car - 2009 Holden VE Ute Engine - 3.6L SIDI (LLT) Timing Kit - Cloyes Brand Kept throwing codes for exhaust side cam fast forward to now, i've replaced the timing chains and idler gears (NOT THE CAM GEARS) Everything goes on nicely, all marks line up not rocket science. Problem is.. When im...
  21. C

    Urgent help with ly7 vz timing chains from mace!!!!

    Hey guys, having an issue wilst installing the new timing chains. Have already timed the left bank and main chain after replacing the oil pump. Went to time the second bank after rotating to the second stage marks and it won't line up???? I've paid a lot of money and this is stressing me out...
  22. Bardy-II

    ALLOYTEC VZ 06 AC Stuck on Demister?

    Hey, so I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my VZ AC system. So far I've replaced: - Resistor Block - All 3 centre dials Fixing these two I've managed to get the 1,2,3,HI setting back which is great, but now it's stuck on the front demister? I double checked to make sure...
  23. onca

    YA oil pressure sensor question: Which one to buy?

    Hi Commodore Lovers, My VZ Failtec is getting the dreaded "check engine" error, my mates checker says it's the oil pressure sensor, now I'm getting intermittent "check oil" warnings even though oil level is good and no leaks, not running like a tractor, etc. (Don't worry I've been thru the...
  24. D

    VZ O2 sensor Replacement

    Hi my vz alloytec is running rough and feels a lot more powerful when cold compared to when at operating temperature and also uses incredible amounts of fuel. I believe that its faulty o2 sensors, I wanted to replace them but there are 4 sensors before and after cat. R the front ones different...
  25. L

    My Sludge Adventure

    I have 2008 Omega which has been making all sorts of awful noises when starting from cold. I have done quite a lot of reading in here and decided that there was a good chance that there was sludge in the engine. I decided to pop the rocker covers off and have a look, and also drop the sump and...
  26. MACE


    Looking at beefing up your Alloytec/SIDI ride? We have the perfect excuse with 20% off our MACE Alloytec & SIDI Cams till the 7th of October. Don't miss out on this opportunity while stocks last!!!!!
  27. jprior2912

    Manual Conversion - VZ Alloytec

    Hi all, I have the opporutnity to purchase a written off VY commodore (t-boned) that has had a manual conversion. I have a VZ executive and was wondering if I bought it, could I swap the gearbox in it to the manual form the VY, or, because it's an Ecotec motor, are they different...
  28. BoB_The_Ninja

    Vz Crewman idle surge/safetymode

    Hey guys, I'm new here. What happened: I've been swearing my head off at my car for a couple months now. Originally the car had blown the ODD injector fuse (replaced fuse, and rebuilt injectors, replaced the injector harness). In my excitement of "woo-hoo I can drive the car again" I have...
  29. B

    Weird Power Steering issue

    So recently I had the flooding issue after moving the car onto the road. Eventually got it started and it was happy days, then after warming up I heard a really bad whine. Popped the hood and seen power steering fluid bubbling out quickly from the reservoir cap. The whine is constant with the...
  30. H

    Slow Oil Leak behind ecu svz ute

    How are we all guys? I've got a very slow oil leak coming from the 2 sensors behind the ecu at the front of the block, my question is what are these? Cam position sensors? I've done quick searches but no straight answer I just wanna be sure i'm buying the right seals before I do, or if anyone...
  31. Mitchell Pope

    VZ Calais- Alloytec to LS Conversion

  32. Chrisrox

    Vz no start

    Ok so bought a vz that didnt start (cheap obvoiusly). So i turn the key reds come up turn to start and nothing happens. basically after alot of trial and error i have found that removing starter relay and shorting starter motor with key in start it fires up and runs so im assuming it is an...
  33. A

    Alloytec Engine Noise..? (Youtube link in description)

    Hi there commodore fans. Please help with this noise that happens under the passenger footwell: (NEEDS VOLUME!) I changed the oil and filled her up with BP 98 and its helped a lot, but when the weather gets too hot or it sits on idle for too long the noise gets worse. I have added liqui-moly...
  34. Ian555

    VZ Alloytec water inlet issues

    I know there's been a few threads already about water inlet gasket replacement on the VZ Alloytec 3.6L LE0 175kW engine. Here's a couple of issues I found recently with renewing the gaskets, just for a heads-up. Take a look at the photo. Issues were: 1. Gaskets no good. The replacement water...
  35. Z

    VZ Calais Alloytec Surging, Rough Idle issues

    Hi, I’ve been a long-time reader, but this is my first post! Hoping someone can help me out! I have a small but annoying issue with my 2005 VZ Calais alloytec. I got it in mid 2015 and I love it. Since getting it, I noticed it surges every now and then (usually under load). When starting up...
  36. N

    VZ Calais: Exorbitant fuel consumption

    Hi all, I've recently noticed that the fuel consumption in my 2004 VZ Calais has been pathetic. I'm averaging 300-400 kilometers per tank, and according to the l/100km it works out to be 15-17 litres. I remember when I first bought the car I was averaging 600-800 kilometers on a tank, even more...
  37. mohamedelkady

    Oil leak under the engine!

    Hello, Three days ago I noticed some oil leaks under the car in the morning, I checked engine oil level and -unfortunately- it was 1.5 litre less :(, I added equivelent amount of oil and checked the bottom of the car, it was hard to determine the leak source (The car saffered some leaks year...
  38. N

    Alloytec rough idle after timing chain replacement

    2006 VZ with Alloytec engine, purchased as DOA, the crankshaft gear was spinning inside the chain basically. Replaced the chains and guides , tensioners etc put it all back together and it ran fine for a little while (2 hours running). At this point the engine will start and run but will not...
  39. N

    VZ Alloytec Timing Chain and Other Issues

    So I've picked up a 2006 Holden Commodore Acclaim (Wagon) with the Alloytec LE0. The car was purchased DOA, previous owner advised "timing chains snapped". From what we've been told they went into a shop came out a few hours later and it wouldn't start. They engine would turn over, making a...
  40. Popey

    AlloyTec 5 speed trans. Removal

    Hey guys, Long story short I'm in the process of removing my trans from my Calais. I have undone most of the bell housing bolts along with all attachments (Tailshaft, Transcooler lines, Flex plate bolts, cross member ect) I'm wondering, is there a bolt right ontop of the bell housing, just...