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  1. Z


    Hi folks, I need your help. As you can hear in this vid I recorded, there is a squeak when ever I push on the motor with super squeak occurring when putting pressure on the alternator. Furthermore, it squeaks a lot when driving along too. I did originally think it might have been the...
  2. M

    Timing chains replacement VE 2006

    Hello can anyone tell me at what mileage I should be looking at changing the timing chains on my 2006 v6 Commodore. Car recently purchased and with out history ,showing 168,000 klms. Fault code light was on and dealer said it was timing chain/ tensioners needing replacement but light...
  3. L

    VZ One Tonner Diff HELP!

    Hi, ive got a v6 vz one tonner, im looking at putting an LSD and 3.9:1 gears in it but im having trouble finding anything about it or even getting a straight answer. My diff is old i assume as the sticker with the details has faded to white, and theres no information on/in the car about it. Ive...
  4. C

    cylinder 2 4 6 missfiring

    2007 commodore alloytech LEO 3.6 V6. developed missfire in cylinders 2 4 6. anyone knows where earth or ground wire are for the cylinder banks or the injectors? please if anyone could help I've tried coils, spark plugs seem fine, compression is ok, cats are ok and got timing chain replaced if...
  5. R

    VZ V6 Erratic Engine Running

    I all Alloytech Guru's. I am having issues with my 05 VZ Commodore V6. Erratic engine running. It is a base model with the Alloytech V6 220k's Automatic For some time, it has had a problem with a misfire under load (aircon on etc). I have changed the plugs and that did seem to help for a few...
  6. P

    Vz Commodore Auto “Stalling” / Struggling to start

    Hey guys, I have a problem with my VZ V6 Auto “stalling” and not starting sometimes. Any ideas? So far I have: Serviced and changed all fluids New air filter New fuel filter Cleaned MAF Checked for vacuum leaks Replaced all spark plugs Checked all coils Replaced fuel pump relay Replaced Oxy...
  7. N

    SIDI Conversion

    I have been trying to find any information regarding an sidi conversion into a vz manual ute. yes i have searched the fourms and all i can find is people saying just v8 swap its easier, v6 is a waste of time, ect, so if thats what your thinking please keep it too yourself. Im looking for any...
  8. N

    VZ SV6 Alloytech Bad pinking (preignition).

    On any incline or moderate acceleration from stop or tight corner, engine pinks really badly. Bearable on flat road , but shocking on a hill. It normally uses 91 Octane fuel.
  9. B

    Alloytech coolant pipe

    My 2011 alloytech has cracked the alloy lower coolant pipe at the lower mounting bracket twice. Can't figure why this is happening and just wondering if anyone has had the same trouble?
  10. N

    VZ SV6 Cam

    Ok guys, I am wanting a cam upgrade for 2005 vz sv6, I have seen other posts however none answer my questions. As we all know the alloytech 190 are difficult as hell to get a sound out of, im wondering how this will effect a cam. - Will this sound like crap - Expected power? - Video if anyone...
  11. G

    Ticking Noise VZ Alloytech 2006 Berlina

    Hey Guys I just recently bought a VZ Berlina 2006 and the service history was great but become abit wonky after 100,000 was bought from a dealer and he said he was not sure however he confirmed last service was done at 137,000 Car is currently is 140,500 and i have noticed a ticking noise...
  12. D

    Factory built Ecotech engine in an SV6?

    Hey, I'm new to my mechanical understanding of cars and I'm quite confused at what I have. I got this car for free off my sister lets say she won't be driving for a while (DUI) :P It was bought from a dealer advertised as a 2004 VY SV6 but from my research I now understand they don't exist and...
  13. N

    VZ SV6 190 Tune

    FYI Noobie. Hey I have recently started modding my car and wondering what the best tune would be for it. I have read through threads but was wondering what tune would be good for my car in particular with the mods below. Car - 2005 VZ SV6 Alloytech190 Modifications - MACE CAI - MACE...
  14. M

    Fuel Rail Removal

    does anyone know the steps to take (AFTER REMOVING THE MANIFOLD) to remove the fuel injector rails? need to replace some leaky injectors and this seems like the way to do it but just have no idea of what procautions to take...
  15. KGkid

    What is the best performance mod for a VZ Alloytech???

    Hey everyone. Im thimking of spending more money on my ute and am having a hard time deciding what to buy. Its bit of a toss up between a set of performance headers and a CAI, but any ideas would be much appreciated.
  16. V

    vz 175 exhaust

    Hi all, i've been looking at replacing the stock pipes on my vz. heard that a dual 2 1/4 into cat back is good with little drone. would like to know what people have on the 175's and what sounds best. not looking for an expensive system, just want an exhaust that i wont regret for...