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  1. Z

    Sub and Amp setup

    Hello I recently impulse bought a Subwoofer and amplifier to go in my car. I literally no nothing about car audio so please be kind but I wanted to know how well or how bad my subwoofer will run off of the Amplifier I bought The Amplifier I bought is Alpine Mono Power MRX-M55 Alpine...
  2. B

    Help with aftermarket 2 DIN heater control facia not working

    Hey guys, i have a 2009 SV6 VE Ute that i bought a couple of months ago. It has the aftermarket facia to house a 2 din Alpine head unit (ina-w910r, which works perfectly) though there seems to be lacking some control for the rest of the car. The buttons for the level of the fans, the hazard...
  3. M

    [SA] Image Dynamics IDQ 12 Sub, Alpine V12 amplifier

    LOCATION: Adelaide, South Australia DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up from Adelaide CBD or Murray Bridge SA. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, or PayPal CONTACT DETAILS: PM me for phone number ITEM: BRAND NEW Image Dynamics IDQ12 subwoofer V3 2Ω CONDITION: BRAND NEW...
  4. T

    VY Berlina with Alpine, radio static

    Hey guys, I've installed an Alpine CDE-148EBT head unit into my VYII Berlina wagon, previously had an Alpine CDE-135BT which was replaced under warranty for the same issue. Also running SPR-60C splits off an Alpine head unit power pack. I've done a bit of reading and tried a few fix I have...
  5. D

    Ve Commodore Steering Wheel Controls Help

    Hi Chaps, I have a problem that I'm wondering if you guys have any idea about? I have a 07 VE Omega and I have just purchased a Alpine CD-E 147BT headunit and Axxess Steering wheel control kit. All hooked up and works great, but (always a but isnt there?) when I press the phone button on the...
  6. T

    sub is clipping bottoming out? help? AMP MIGHT BE STUFFED?

    So i have got myself two type r subs both are dvc 4 ohms, one sub is 600rms the other is 500 rms and im using a mrp-m1000 alpine amp to power them. I have wired the subs to 4 ohms so the subs together shouldnt be seeing more than 500 rms which they should be able to handle double when put...
  7. R

    [VIC] JL 5ch amp, single din pocket VY, alpine to iso - iso to holden leads, polk momo sub

    ITEM: JL 5ch amp XD700/5 all original in box (used for only 6ish months then sold car) LOCATION: VIC CONDITION: Used (as new condition) PRICE: Negotiable $450 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pick up/meet half way PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: amp is...
  8. Z

    $5000 System in SV6 - Not Performing Well?!

    Hopefully someone can shed some light... Just as a bit of background info, in my previous vehicle I had Crescendo splits and a Crescendo sub run by a Genesis Profile 5 amp, all connected to a DNX7360BT Kenwood HU ($2000). Sounded nuts! I now have a 2012 SV6 VE Series 2 and had an...
  9. M

    Can i make it Ported

    Hi I got this fiberglass sub enclosure with a type S sub running in it. the sub runs pretty gud and hits good bass but when i open the boot i can hear PHAR!! PHAR!! PHAR!! kinda noise from the sub. I thought if i could make a hole in the enclosure to let the extra air out . or i should...
  10. R

    [VIC] VY S II Silver Immaculate condition

    ITEM: silver sedan, VY S series2, all stock, great condition, low ks, immaculate interior, great exterior. PRICE: Negotiable $11,800 if you are from the forum say so and i will be more negotiable (i also have it posted in carsales.com) LOCATION: Vic, Bulleen YEAR: 2004, last sector of...
  11. R

    [VIC] Alpine Imprint Processor (as new, in box)

    ITEM: Alpine Imprint Processor (KTX-H100 and PXA-H100) in box, includes everything that you need. All instruction manuals, CD, tuning Microphone, processor unit, all cables and wiring. it’s as new in its original box all ready to go. LOCATION: Bulleen, Vic, 3105 CONDITION: as new/used...
  12. N

    New Alpline CDE-121EI only ejects Cd's

    My new Alpine CDE-121EI that I've just installed will only eject Cds while saying 'load' Anyone else have this issue with an Alpine? I really don't want to have to take it out to go in under warranty, wondering if anyone knows of any tricks? Also I used an ISO harness to connect it so...
  13. L

    IVA-W520 Alpine Touchscreen Head unit.

    About to buy an Alpine IVA-W520 head unit as they are on sale, BUT I'm curious to know before I buy one if it is going to fit in the dash. I know this is a commodore forum but i have a 1999 V8 Statesman with the wood grain dash interior. so basically it is the same as a commodores dash...
  14. A

    Advice needed about building a sub box!

    I am planning to build a sub box for my Alpine SWS-3049. The specifications sheet recommends the sub in a sealed box of 123 litres (yes, I know this is quite large). To my calculations (and to fit in my boot), the following dimensions work out at 123 litres: Height = 32cm Width = 90cm...
  15. taylooor

    Sound System help. Will I overload my amp?

    Hey guys, I have an Alpine sound system set up consisting of a 12" Type S sub, a MRP-M450 Mono amp, a MRP-F450 4 channel amp, two 6x9's in the parcel shelf and front door splits. Im looking at adding another sub to the equation but not sure if I will consequently end up overloading my amp...
  16. taylooor

    [VIC] Wanting an alpine sub - willing to trade pioneer sub

    ITEM: Looking to buy an Alpine 12" Type S sub, Type R is also possible. In or out of box. Willing to trade a Pioneer sub for it. LOCATION: South East Victoria CONDITION: Pioneer Sub has only been used for about 3 months, my OCD is getting to me however as I already have a Type S sub and I...
  17. V

    Kicker L7, Rockford D1 or Alpine Type X?

    G'day Guys, I am looking at putting some subs in my Berlina and I can't decide between Kicker L7s, Rockford D1s or Alpine Type Xs. Probably gonna get two 12", but I don't know what would be the best. I have been told to go for the Type Xs, but the L7s sound good and have heard that the D1s...
  18. M

    Boss Capacitor

    Hi I have just finished installing the 1st phase of my audio upgrade ,that includes Kenwood DDX4038bt Polk 300watt splits Alpine type S 1000watt Sub Alpine Mpr600 (1320watt 4 ch amp) and when my system hits big bass ,i can see my headlights and the internal lights go dim for that...
  19. T

    [VIC] vy II acclaim wagon

    ITEM: blue vy series 2 wagon PRICE: $10500 LOCATION: victoria - cranbourne YEAR: december 2003 SERIES: VYII BADGE: acclaim ENGINE: ecotec 3.8l TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: blue EXTERIOR CONDITION: good, except for clear coat peeling on right side. few dints and scratches...
  20. C

    Sound System in VE SV6 Ute.

    Hi Guys I have a 2010 Sv6 ute. A sound system has been put in consisting of: Stock head unit Alpine Type R 6.5" components Alpine MRP-F600 Amp Pioneer premier slim sub 12" This gear used to be in my VZ ute and I needed the slim sub but since the VE has more space I no longer do. What...
  21. G

    My First Car- Holden Berlina VX '2000' SI

    Gabriel Olszewski Model: VX Series II Year: 2000 Colour: Shanghai Red Pearl (F154) Engine: 3.8ltr V6 Kilometers: 120,000 Engine mods: - Mace 82 Degree Thermostat - Mace 25mm Plenum Insulator (Bored) - Bored out and polished...
  22. T

    VE Double DIN facia and Heater controls now available

    Hi, Attached is a small video of an Alpine deck in my VE Omega. The Kits will be available from next week. Cheers YouTube - Quasi VE / G8 Aftermarket Headunit Facia Kit - With Climate Control
  23. JAKE-26

    Anyone used Alpine type r swr-1222D sub with alpine mrp-m500 amp?!?

    Hey all. I've just bought an Alpine MRP-M500 monoblock amp to run a subwoofer off. I saw an alpine type r 12" SWR-1222D Sub for sale for a decent price and i've heard these are good subs. The only problem is its a dvc 2omh sub, so can only run at 1 or 4 ohms, which means it would only run at...
  24. V

    Audio help!

    hey guys just a quick question, do i need an amp to run alpine type R speakers?
  25. D

    VZ Headunit no constant power!

    Hey guys i really need some help with this its driving me insane! I put my Alpine deck in my new VZ from my old VX last week, i used a new wiring harness bought online and chopped the wires from the deck and re-joined them all, everything works awesome on the head unit but when i turn the...
  26. VesperZ

    Switching from Alpine Type R Subwoofer box to a custom fiberglass box

    Just an overview of my current setup, I have 2 x SWR-1242D subwoofers which came with their factory designed ported box shown below: I am looking to change them into a custom fiberglass sealed box such as this one: I realize I may get questions like why would you bother and so forth...
  27. arrow224

    Melbourne: Does RDS-TA workwith headunits?

    I have an Alpine CDA-9857r, which has RDS and the TA (Traffic Alert) function. I have TA turned on, and I can tune into GoldFM (104.3) and MixFM (101.1), and the TA icon lights up (TA function is on), and the TP icon lights up (TA station is tuned in). However, I am yet to receive a traffic...