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  1. blueray95

    New battery and alternator = no luck

    Hi, I've holden caprice ss 2009 and the issue started 4 months ago I got the battery saving mode on the dash and it was loose ground cable to I've tighten it up but 3 months later I got same problem but the ground wasn't loose and I've replaced the battery and the alternator 3 times one of them...
  2. C

    5l VR ute having a short.

    My V8 ute is having a short or something. If I put the terminals on its got a lot of spark like a welder plus the battery heats up. The negative terminal wire is melted and there is smoke everywhere. the wires get hot from the terminals to the altinator. Altinator is bran new and battery. Can...
  3. A

    My Vl won’t turn over

    okay so I’ve got a vl that has a RB20 in it, this engine came out of another running vl so the wiring is already customised to work with the RB20, I just need to figure out where everything goes, I’m pretty sure I wired the starter and alternator up properly but it still won’t crank, the battery...
  4. B


    Ok so yesturday my drivers seat stopped working (full electric) And the fuse for seat memory under dash was boiling hot had to wait 10 mins before I could even touch it Took it out and tried swapping it with the power windows fuse but it was sparking at me when I tried putting it in I only...
  5. B

    New battery already drained?

    Hi guys. I have a bit of a problem with my holden commodore VT series 2. I bought a new battery about 10 months ago and its supposed to last me about 3-5 years but over the passed week the vt has not started because i'm only getting 1.7 volts of the 12.5 i should be getting. there is...
  6. VX SS 340 HP

    VX SS headlights Fluctuating in brightness

    Hi I recently relocated my battery to the boot in my s:axe:s...everything works fine car starts no problems at all...but the other night I took it out for a drive and the headlights were fluctuating in brightness they,were going very dull and then they would just jump back to there normal...
  7. speed__demond

    vr commodore power in and out

    hi most of the time its ok but one every few weeks my cars lights will die out whilst im driving and it will lose power, i can tell its the power somwhere but im not sure where the problem is. its gone completely flat a coupple times, BUT most of the time it dies out and then kiks back in...
  8. S

    altenator problems

    start the car and the altenator charges, turn the car off and start it again and the altenator does not charge, replaced the altenator with a new one and same problem, any help would be appreciated