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  1. Adrian's Vr

    CAS issues

    So few months ago my car would start to cut out and after 2 minutes of on and off it finally cut out but starts up again, only happens in the morning when its cold, then one day it completely cut off and I changed my DFI module and coils from a old motor, now its 6 months later and its doing the...
  2. T

    Power issue

    My battery light come up the other say and after driving 5 minutes my dash light up like a Christmas tree. Then it happened again, the second time it happened I was bringing my car to a stop and dash lights up again and car died. Was a fuel issue so replaced fuel pump and fuse and all seemed...
  3. MissKaos


    Hey hey.. Ok, I think the Alternator in my 2000VX commodore has packed it in.. Someone told me to just change the brushes in it, but this thing seems almost as old as the car My question here is.. would an Alternator from a VT fit my VX? Didn't realise it had an Alternator issue until I had...
  4. Kiwifolk

    Car chews through Alternator regulators

    Hi guys. Got an interesting issue. I’m on my 3rd alternator and it’s causing issues. The battery charges normally at idle and on the gas but over 4500 rpm the voltage randomly drops just low enough to engage the alarm on the dash. 12.3 ish volts. I’m told is the regulator on the alternator...
  5. MPA

    Help please! Voltage Dropping Issue

    Hi Everyone, Bit desperate here, first time posting. This will be a bit of a long post just so I can get as much information out there to help diagnose the issue. Car: HOLDEN COMMODORE VX (S2?) 2002 4 Door Sedan 3.8 litre, LN3 (L36) V6 So my issue is my voltage starts off at 13.5V (Dash...
  6. S

    Engine Whine

    Need help. Recently been hearing a whining noise coming from the car. Only happens when the car is coasting/idling, and sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Noise stops when under power, and starts back up after coming off the accelerator. Also seems to stop when the cooloing fans turn on. Had a quick...
  7. RorzaaBoy

    Will vp alternator brushes fit vr alternator?

    I need new brushes for my vr alternator, just wondering if vp brushes will fit?
  8. W

    turning over slow and not charging

    Right then I bought a VY 3.8 cheap for my son, when bought was told alternators not charging as the battery leads had been connected to the wrong battery terminals. Car starts and drives but isn't charging and turns over very slowly when starting, even with a good battery, the alternator would...
  9. G

    Car's playing up. All electrics lost.

    Hey guys. For some reason my VY (Berlina V6) has got a tummy ache of some sorts. The car was running and driving fine, everything was working like normal. Out of nowhere, I get a 'Check alternator' alert and then lose all of my electrics. Dash lights, cluster, head unit, headlights (both low...
  10. B

    Alternator? Lost all steering and electrics doing their own thing.

    Absolutely no idea about cars!! For the past couple of weeks my car has been having issues starting every now and again. 3 days ago, if I didn't start my car as soon as I unlocked it, the battery would die and I would have to jump start it. Yesterday, I had a new battery installed. Today, I...
  11. 0

    02 v6 vy engine electrical issues

    hey guys i have a 02 v6 vy with a mystery electrical issue 3 times in the last 4 months it has cut out while driving and restarts but badly miss firing and stalls after a second or 2. the first time playing with engine control and fuel pump relays got it going the second time i suspected cas...
  12. T

    Vx ss over charging

    Hey guys, I have an issue with my vx over charging. When the car is on the battery will sit at 15.4 to 15.7 volts and when it's off it'll be at 12.6. This all started when I changed the battery out of the car I received the alternator fault. I've tried different batteries, replaced the...
  13. John Revill

    Alternator Removal on LS1 VX Commodore Advise wanted

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum so please go easy on me. I have a VX Commdore with an LS1 that has a failing alternation. The Front bearing seems to have crapped itself and temporarily shorted out the internals. After a high pressure hose, the alternation surprisingly is working again, but sounds...
  14. O

    Alternator / Battery Process Advice

    Hi all, So, after the Christmas tree lights and speedo died last week, the alternator has finally drained my battery (probably the regulator) I wasn't quick enough to change it over and this morning the battery is completely flat (according to the window indicator on it - says to recharge)...
  15. S

    Battery flat, wouldn't turn over after recharge

    Battery went flat and car woudn't start. This had occurred once before. Recharged battery and same slow crank issue. Checked all earths, replaced a few terminals and checked the alternator and starter connections. Except I didn't check the starter because of access issues. Still no go with a...
  16. B

    VY issue, v6.

    So, few weeks ago brought a 2002 VY. Had issue starting. Replaced coil packs and crank angle sensor. All was well, then it overheated. Changed the thermostat no issues. A few days later, driving over to the other side of city, and the car shuts off. Battery light flashes, check engine message...
  17. N

    Commodore VT ecotec Alternators keep dying.

    Hi guys I'm on my fourth alternator for my 98 VT ecotec in a year and it's failing on me again. They've all had issues with charging at too low a voltage (11.9V idle and around 12.9V at 2000rpm, then after a month or two even under load it is about 11.9V). So far I've all but the original have...
  18. Sean08ssv

    Charging/volts issues

    Hey everyone i have a 2008 ssv ute, the past week the alternator warning has come up on my display while driving, when this happens i notice the voltage drops. I'll watch it go from 13 down to 12. It'll eventually go back up to 14volts or higher and the warning will disappear..its has now done...
  19. A

    Alternator Not Charging Battery And Dash Light Not Coming On

    Hi when i bought my vl the alternator that was in it was smoking (was a hatachi unit) so I replaced it with a new one and connected it all up positive wire from battery terminal to alternator post and light and sense wire connected (needed an adapter though), however my dash light for the...
  20. L

    VE HSV clubsport R8 battery issue

    Hey everyone I recently went away for 6 weeks, and forgot to d/c the battery cables and i came back to find my car wont start and the remote wouldn't even work. Anyway i hooked up my portable jump starter and turned on the car, and then d/c the jump starter after 10-15m while the engine was...
  21. T

    Alternator question

    So on the back of my vs there is a black wire that goes to a black looking capacitor whats this for And if not connected whats the outcome from this as my connector pin in missing and iv tryed to soilder it back on but seems dodgy as and im sure it will break after a drive or two on rough roads...
  22. koankoan

    Issue with dash light when accelerating. 2009 VE

    Hi everyone, I've been having trouble with an 09 VE Omega I have owned for a while. What has been happening is whenever I accelerate (sometime light, other times flooring it) the red dash light for "door open" lights up and so has the overhead light (until I switched it off from lighting up...
  23. V

    Vy Alternator wiring issue.(Gen III LS1)

    Since this is my first post on here I'd like to thank all of you who have contributed so much knowledge to help out the less informed such as myself. My issue is with my alternator wiring (alternator tested okay). The wire from the alternator to the battery is fine but I'm not sure how to go...
  24. E


    So I own a 1998 Calais in less than favourable condition and have recently picked up a 1999 executive, which is missing a few bits and pieces. ANYWAY; aiming to take the better parts from the E and put them in the C. Noticed that the C's alternator did not have a removable Voltage Regulator...
  25. J

    L67 WH Alternator issues (in short smoke no go)

    Question to the Holden Gods . THE BACK STORY Three days ago the misses started the Wh and smelt something burn for a second or two(continued to drive). Day 2 short trip to shops , return car will not start. My...
  26. Jazzakat

    Battery or alternator issues? VZ SSZ won't start.

    Hi guys, I've done a lot of browsing and found people with similar problems but not quiet the same as mine. I was wondering what your opinions on the matter were or if anyone has had anything similar and was able to resolve the issue. I have a 2005 VZ SSZ Ute. I replaced the battery less than...
  27. L

    Vt alternator warning light not working

    What can cause the red battery symbol not to light up on the dash? Its not coming on during start up or when grounding the wire going to the alternator. (Already checked the bulb.)
  28. L

    Vt calais ls1 alternator problem

    Hi, Ive had this issue since I bought the car. After starting the engine I need to rev it over 2000 rpm to get the alternator to start charging and then it sits at 16.5 volts. The alternator is brand new, the battery has been checked and no leads show any significant voltage drops. I did some...
  29. L

    The big 3 upgrade - advice and theory

    Just joined the forum, got quite a few questions I'm hoping the people in here might know.... Firstly - I'm looking to do a Big3 upgrade in my VE II SSV Sportswagon - but the battery is in the boot. Has anyone else had experience with doing this? What is the best path from the Alternator...
  30. O

    [NSW] Problems with my 1979 Kingswood

    Hi, Recently bought a 1979 HZ SL Kingswood. When bought ran fine, went interstate for a couple of days came back wouldn't start. Jumped it, started first go. Ran fine for the drive. Came back and no dice on the start. Sounds like the battery isn't charging and when trying to start whirrs...
  31. N

    Vz thunder alternator not charging battery

    My new alt not charging my battery it's reading around 12.4v when I charge battery and put it in and start the car but I will only get about an hour worth of driving stopping and starting the car and I've turned off lights,stereo,a/c please help?
  32. B

    Alternator/battery shorting out?!

    My battery died so i called NRMA to jump start me and they came and said my alternator was shot, so i pulled it off and noticed the power cables behind it was so badly burned it couldn't of been doing anything! so i got a new connection and soldered it on and put the car all back together, went...
  33. H

    Omega charging system HELP

    Hi I own a 2008 VE omega auto, 40,000km/2 years ago the battery was replaced due to not holding charge and charging system checked all ok. Just recently the vehicle failed to start due to low battery voltage - 8.45v. I drive the vehicle on average 10-20 kms daily and serviced every 10,000kms. If...
  34. C

    Alternator isn't charging battery replaced with second hand from wreckers.. Help!

    Hey my battery light was on for a week then car wouldn't start died in middle of road when when to take off, got battery world out and they said it was the alternator went to wreckers bought a second hand one with 30 days warranty. Installed went to work following morning finished and my car...
  35. fixitdude74

    VX Calais headlights dim when driving

    I have noticed(only at night), when i'm driving and i slow to stop at intersection, the headlights dim for a second or so, then they brighten back up, it does it everytime i pull up. I've checked the alternator, its putting out 14.0v at idle, the cables look ok, its just really weird, its as...
  36. M

    VE SV6 Amp Question

    Hi guys, 1000 apologies if this is covered somewhere else but I couldn't find it in my quick skim. I have a 2010 SV6 Wagon and am considering throwing in an amp that I've had in my garage for a while. I'll need to hook up a LOC obviously and am wondering if the whole thing is...
  37. B

    5l alternator working, nek minute not

    been reading other posts but people dont seem to post how they fixed things, neway, had my ute sitting in the shed idleing, my alternator works fine for a bit putting out low to mid 14, then it drops down to 11's, without moving the ute, checked and cleaned all connections, replaced fusible link...
  38. M

    Faulty Alternator?

    Recently I did an oil change on my VY V6 Commodore Ute. All went well apart from spilling a good blob of new oil on the headers and wiring to what I think are 02 sensors down near the headers but could be wrong. Cleaned it up and let it idle to burn the rest up but after driving it an hour...
  39. V

    The vh sl/x resto (rest-slow)

    Hey guys, Restoring a VH SL/X with 202 blue motor, bought for $1k, straight as you could want, seats are mint, needs carpet, refresh some door trims, rubber kit and windscreen chromes, usual rust spots but overall too good to mutilate. ( Had thought about putting a worked 308 in it for some fun)...
  40. Drumo

    Want to upgrade VE sound system - but will it whine?

    Hi all. I know there's a ton of threads out there about alternator whine in amped systems, but I wanted some more direct information. Got a VE SV6 (MY09 so no iQ) - Has anyone figured out why the bloody things whine when systems with amps are involved? And can anyone recommend an installer in...