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  1. V

    Altezza rear light problem vt v6

    I have just recently changed my standard rear lights in my vt executive i put altezza rear lights in and the left side tail light does not work the brake light light works but the tail light doesnt it is the same light?? The left reverse light did not work but i had a read of a few forums and it...
  2. S

    Smoked Altezza Tail Lights or smoking stock?

    Can someone upload a photo of these on your car if you have them? I really want some idea of how these look Or should i just smoke the stock ones i have? I heard that they can look tacky?
  3. bmarriott.live

    Replace headlights vx exe

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me the easyest way to remove the old headlights, so i can replace them with altezza's.
  4. dylanfh

    VR/VS Clear Depo Tailights (Sydney)

    For sale are a full set of Depo brand taillights,only problem is one of the orange blinker caps have came off inside the light,they are used,so they have the odd small marks on them,but still look good on the car (as shown in pics),asking $80.00 the set,im in Mt Druitt area of Sydney which is...