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  1. monstar

    VE SS -/+ 10 years

    Drive has done a review of the VE SS as a second hand vehicle buy, let them know if you agree.
  2. Commo_Carl

    [NSW] Prices for 2400x1200 sheet of aluminium in Sydney?

    Am after a sheet of aluminium 2400x1200x(prob 2mm) in Sydney. Have had a quote for a 2000x500 for $240, which is quite ludicrous, seeming i've seen 2400x1200 sheets brand new in Vic for $100. Anyone got any good contacts or good places etc, doesn't necessarily need to be brand new. Am making...
  3. M

    Aluminium Body Panel Commodore in 2013

    $40m taxpayer injecton for lightweight Holden Commodore Saw this Article just now and thought id share it. Im not sure if its been posted or is well know about already but its pretty exciting news for Australia's favorite car. 7% weight reduction equates to about 125kg's which will give it a...

    3/8 aluminium fuel line

    I am in the process of puttin a hot 202 with triple 45 webers and full manual tri matic in a lc torana and i was ringing around for 3/8 bundy line and efi hardware in nunawading sell aluminium line, i have never heard of anything other than steel or brass line, Is this line ok for legalities and...