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amp sub wiring help

  1. jayden.2.2

    Mono channel amplifier questions.

    Hey guys, I recently bought a 2nd hand mono channel amplifier (Pioneer GM-7100M)() and what i think is a 12" subwoofer in an enclosure. I understand how to power the amp off the battery and how to ground the amp, i understand how to run the cables from the amp to the sub. But there are a few...
  2. D

    Amp + sub help!!!

    Amp + sub help!!! PICS ADDED I've recently bought 2 10inch Rampage subs and a Clarion APX1301 monoblock AMP, Now... The amp was installed all good, power cable, earthing, Remote turn on and RCA cables ETC... HOWEVER i got ye old speaker cable out hooked up 2 subs like you should, rechecked...