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  1. M

    Speakers to AMP

    So I have a 2002 VX commodore Berlina and I just got an Amp for all 4 door speakers not a sub. The door speakers and head unit are after market but I know the wiring goes to the head unit but the amp wiring diagram says they have to go from the speakers, to the amp then to head unit. Will I be...
  2. Adrian's Vr

    Head unit won't work but a/c blows

    I just tapped a inline converter into the head unit but now the head unit and everything in that cluster stopped working but blows air from ac still, fuses seem ok but is there a fuse I'm unaware of?
  3. B

    VF Wagon Power Amp Install

    My previous VF Calais wagon was written off after hail storm damage so I removed the Kicker ZX200.2 amp and Alpine speakers before they carted it off. My replacement Calais V VF wagon has no room under the passenger seat for the amp due to the seat electrics. The only place where it would fit is...
  4. osergel

    Looking to Install

    just purchased a 2013 Omega, I'm looking to throw in a amp&sub. just wondering if i would need to replace the headhunt and go from there or if ill be able to fit it to the existing stock headunit. can anyone help with this. just need to know if its gonna be easy on the wallet or not. cheers
  5. Dean O'Sullivan

    VE OMEGA Sub & Amp Install.

    Just bought dual subs & an amp for my Omega, wondering what cords are needed for the install? or if there is a kit im able to purchase with all the cables needed?
  6. H

    How to Correctly Set Amplifier Gains

    I thought it best to give people a quick run down on setting amplifier gains for your car audio system. I have been installing and configuring car audio for years so i thought i'd share with you all how to do this, with the help of a portable Oscilloscope. This guide does not go into details of...
  7. AZ_SSV

    Ssv ve easy sub install

    Rightio boys and girls, Got a ve ssv or calais with the 11 speaker system and want to add some bass? I just hooked up 2 12" kicker subs and amp setup in the boot and wow was it the easiest install ever! Keep in mind I haven't hard wired the remote wire just yet but I'm pretty sure soldering...
  8. F

    Running 2 amps off High Level Input

    Hey guys, Recently purchased an 08 SV6. I have already installed an amp and sub which is running off the High Level inputs which have been tapped from the rear speakers. What I am wondering is, now I want to install all new door speakers and a 4 channel amp to power them. What are my...
  9. D

    VE Series 2 Sub install

    Hey guys I need some advice! Now I'm sure there are heaps of posts about this stuff but I literally can't find them anywhere after days of searching! Recently bought my first car (VE Series 2 SV6 Sedan) and I want to install a sub in the boot I want to do the job myself and with a mate who...
  10. Z

    VE Amp wiring trouble

    Hay I'm in direr need of advise, I have wired my amp and sub up correctly, but the control wire (accessory wire) I borrowed from the brown/yellow wire (handsfree set??) in the driver side central panel, this wire should be live when the ignition is switched on.. however it the wire is dead as a...
  11. O

    Car audio help/guide

    Hey guys first time poster, Just finally signed up and need your help on a few things I bought a sub and amp Kicker ES 12" and the amp is a kicker dx 125.2 off a mate for about 130 and was thinking about installing it myself after being told ALBERTS wanted 200$ to install it not including...
  12. P

    [NSW] WTB: Loom to suit VE Subwoofer / Amp

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: The loom / wiring that connects to the VE subs, Amplifier, Battery and rear doors, i'm sure some people here have upgraded their systems and no longer need their loom. LOCATION: NSW, Central West CONDITION: Used or New DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION...
  13. lifel355

    Kicker Amp/Sub is broken.

    I brought a kicker amp/sub hideaway. It's basically a subwoofer with the amp and subwoofer in one package. I was listening to my music at a decent level (but not excessively loud which is why I'm so annoyed) and the cap on it fell off and rattled. Rendering the whole thing useless. Anytime I use...
  14. P

    Adding factory Subs to a VE Calais Without Subs

    I have a 2008 Series I VE Calais without Subs. I've come across a factory set of subs cheap from a wrecked vehicle, including the parcel shelf etc. I know an upgrade from the factory setup would be better but I'm not too worried - the price is right and I just want some improved bass...
  15. I

    Sub & Amp Install Holden Commodore Executive VN 1990 3.8L Manual

    My first post, used this site for years it's always helped me out first time I've needed to post a thread. I'm coming to the end of my project car Holden Commodore Exec VN '90 3.8L Manual, I've eventually installed the new head unit and speakers, but now I have to wire up the Amp/Sub to get...
  16. J

    Ve series 2 iq problems (aftermarket sub installed)

    Hi everyone this is my first post I just bought an august built 2012 omega and thought it would be a good idea to get a sub put in. I went to an auto technician who wired the fusion inbuilt amp and sub and put it in (this was in his garage by the way), tried to turn it on, and the touch screen...
  17. W

    ve ute, 2 x 200w rms amp???????

    Hey Guys, Can anyone recomend a good 2 channel amp that puts out 200w rms per channel?????? can be 2ohm or 4ohm aslong as it is the wrms, I want it for 2 kicker 8" subs im putting in my ute and cant find anything like what i need? Any help or suggestions will be appreciated:)
  18. MY_95_VS

    [NSW] Car Audio Clearout!!! special price for JC members

    ITEM: Bulk lot, car audio many components, ready to install Please note the silver splits are sold. Separating system now. Please pm me with offers for amps subs screen dvd head unit and speakers. LOCATION: East Sydney NSW CONDITION: Used PRICE: Special Just Commodores members prices, please...
  19. M

    Adding Speakers to VE Sportwagon

    Hi There Just a question that i havnt been able to find an answer for after lots of forum searching... Previously in my last car i had: - 2 pairs of rockford fosgate power 5 x 7's - 1 rockford fosgate p500-4 (4 channel amp) - 2 kicker CVR Comps - 1 Alpine MRX-M110 Because there is...
  20. N

    Help With Car Audio Subwoofer

    Hi, pretty simple questions I want to buy this. Amazon.com: Alpine SWR-12D4 Type-R 12" Subwoofer with Dual 4-ohm Voice Coils: Car Electronics - Is it good? - What amp do i need with it. (include examples if you can!) I have read a little about specs but keep getting confused. - Can...
  21. W

    Help upgrading a 2010 VE Commodores stock sound sytem incl preamp outs for an amp+sub

    I have been using Just Commodores as a source for information ever since I had my second car, a VT Commodore, however it has been rare for me to have to actually post something on this forum to get the information I need, so first of all I would like to say a quick thanks to all the helpful and...
  22. M

    VE SV6 Amp Question

    Hi guys, 1000 apologies if this is covered somewhere else but I couldn't find it in my quick skim. I have a 2010 SV6 Wagon and am considering throwing in an amp that I've had in my garage for a while. I'll need to hook up a LOC obviously and am wondering if the whole thing is...
  23. R

    VE Omega Series 2 WAGON audio upgrades

    Hi all, I'm looking at upgrading the filthy stock system in my wagon and am looking for inspiration. Has anyone successfully upgraded in a wagon before, specifically anywhere in Adelaide. Trying to avoid a sub if possible to save the boot space and focus on amp and speaker upgrade utilizing...
  24. C

    Vt/vx commodore connecting RCAs to headunit

    Hey everyone I'm new here but need some advice on how to connect the rcas from my amp to my headunit I got my Sony double din headunit professionally installed last year and am now attempting to put an amp in my car. My question is how do I take the headunit out? And is there a way to connect...
  25. D

    Installed subby, now battery is dying??

    Hi all, new to the forums (be nice) but a long time commy lover. I've been surfing JustCommodores for months now but never needed to make a post. Well the time has come. I recently installed a new head, subby, and amp in my otherwise-stock-standard VY acclaim. It was first on my list of...
  26. C

    after market audio install

    been doin a bit of research on how to install amps ect into my ve would like to know if anyone has had experience with the audison bit ten they are about $300 and give you line outs for front rear and sub cheers
  27. jamiasvu

    LX8 Adventra factory AMP wireing for AMP/SUB upgrade

    Hey guys, I've got a Pioneer 12" and a JL Audio 400W amp (which is perfect fit for putting in the same spot as the factory amp) and I have cut the loom plug that connects to the factory amp. Now I am unsure of the wireing and can not find it anywhere on the net! So I have 2 yellow and 2...
  28. V

    Sub on factory vy/vz headunit

    I was just wondering if you can run a sub and amp on a factory VY or VZ headunit?? Will it be easy to install?? And Will it sound as good as a after-market headunit??
  29. G

    2007 Commodore VE Omega Amp and Speaker install

    Hi i recently bought this car and want to replace the stock speakers and run an amp using an LOC. I was Just wondering if anyone could help me with trim removal on the doors to replace the speakers and also how to best access the head unit. (Picture would be great)
  30. taylooor

    Sound System help. Will I overload my amp?

    Hey guys, I have an Alpine sound system set up consisting of a 12" Type S sub, a MRP-M450 Mono amp, a MRP-F450 4 channel amp, two 6x9's in the parcel shelf and front door splits. Im looking at adding another sub to the equation but not sure if I will consequently end up overloading my amp...
  31. N

    Weird Stereo Problem (aftermarket amp for sub)

    Hey All I purchased my VE about 2 months ago and found while the stock unit is okay... it lacks bass and even with the premium (2 6") "subs" it really lacks bass.. Since I had my alpine type R sitting around and my amp just wasting space in my shed I figured i'd fit it. I cut the wires...
  32. doopah

    VE Stereo Upgrade issues. amp/ head unit cuts out

    This is what i have installed in my series 1 VE SS ute Alpine Electronics of Australia Alpine MRX-V60 amp 5 channel amp 50 x 4 @ 4 ohms + 200w @ 4 ohms for sub Alpine SPS-610c components to replace the front door speakers and tweets Alpine SPS-600 two ways Alpine SWR-T10 shallow...
  33. R

    audio = 100ks less per tank??

    hey guys and girls, about a month ago i installed a half decent audio set up in my VY S II and since then i have noticed my distance travelled per tank has dropped a fair bit. i always fill up with 95 fuel, i used to get anywhere between 450-560ks per tank before i would fill up depending on...
  34. S

    help me! i know very little about car audio but really want to learn :)

    hey guys and girls, i am kitting out my VY S II with new sound :D i have just installed JL front splits and JL rear 2 ways all powered off a JL 5ch amp. the speakers run great but this is where my knowledge ends :( i have the 5th ch on my amp still to play with. its a sub output (mono) and can...
  35. DmanVT

    Bridging Amplifier Question

    Hello all, I recently purchased a Powervox amp ( see link ) New PowerVox 2800 Watt 4 Channel Car Amplifier Black | eBay that claims it is bridgeable. The problem is, in its instructions it doesn't explain how to bridge it, so i was wondering is there a rule that if the amp is bridgeable, and...
  36. S

    VY S II Audio help/tips/thoughts

    hey guys and girls, i own a VY S II and im sick of hearing the poor sound quality of the factory speakers in my car, plus it just isnt loud or clear enough. im looking at upgrading the whole audio package but in 2 stages. 1st stage would be new HU, front splits, rear doors and an amp. 2nd stage...
  37. S

    VY S II Audio help/tips/thoughts

    hey guys and girls, i own a VY S II and im sick of hearing the poor sound quality of the factory speakers in my car, plus it just isnt loud or clear enough. im looking at upgrading the whole audio package but in 2 stages. 1st stage would be new HU, front splits, rear doors and an amp. 2nd stage...
  38. F

    VT Maestro, possible to keep factory amp?

    Hi guys, long time reader (blah blah...) I've recently purchased a VT Calais and I'm very happy :yeah: but the stacker isn't working, so I've bought a new HU. My question is: How can I wire up the amp/subs to a std 'aftermarket' HU? It has 3 sets of RCA (one for subs) if that helps...
  39. V

    Audio help!

    hey guys just a quick question, do i need an amp to run alpine type R speakers?
  40. Aarony92

    Amplifier Not powering ON :(,

    me and my mate wired up an amp for his sub in his car, with 50A cabling. connected it to the battery and nothing. Do we have to connect a wire from the remote connection on the amp to the head unit for it to turn on? I don't know a whole heap about amps but i assumed once a 12V supply was...