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  1. M

    Running a 15” and 12” sub together!!

    Hi all, My plan is to run a 15” JBL sub with a 12” Kenwood sub and build a custom box to fit them behind the seats in my VE SS UTE. Can anybody help me out with selecting an amp to run them both? I’ll post the specs below for both, they’re both pretty similar in terms of wattage, but will it...
  2. Marknicho92

    Wk Caprice Audio Wiring

    Hey fellas first time posting but I’m trying to wire up my wk caprice with a new 7 inch touch screen head unit and I can’t seem to get the speakers to marry up I got the plug and play and speakers didn’t work then I was told I had to remove the factory amp and bridge the wires I’ve also got...
  3. D

    Can i swap standard WM staresman amp with the bose unit?

    Hey all. Ive just finished changing the door speakers with kickers and disconnecting the centre, the sound is better but still a little average. Does anyone know if the standard amp near the battery can be directly swapped with the caprice bose unit? Appreciate any past experience you may have.
  4. S

    VE Speaker upgrade

    Hi all, first time poster here. I'm looking to increase volume and bass in my 2010 VE Berlina wagon on a budget. I was looking at installing a 4ch amp with high level input instead of installing a LOC and low level input amp. Then replacing the front and rear speakers with Pioneer G1645R ($45...
  5. B

    Amp help

    So to start off i have a 2012 series 2 ve SV6 and want to upgrade my speakers and add a sub. I have decided on my speakers and sub but I don't know what amp to use with these. Here are my speaker and sub selection - Front - Rockford Fosgate Power T2652-S Power Handling: Peak: 200...
  6. M

    [SA] Image Dynamics IDQ 12 Sub, Alpine V12 amplifier

    LOCATION: Adelaide, South Australia DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up from Adelaide CBD or Murray Bridge SA. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, or PayPal CONTACT DETAILS: PM me for phone number ITEM: BRAND NEW Image Dynamics IDQ12 subwoofer V3 2Ω CONDITION: BRAND NEW...
  7. B

    amp stays on for 1 or 2 mins after locking car

    hey guys i have a 2011 omega series 2 ute and i had my amp installed professionally today, it sounds great and is hooked up through the high level inputs on the amp.... for some reason the amp stays on until i lock the car and watch it for about 2 mins before the lights go blank... is this...
  8. T

    Amp and sub wiring question

    Hey Guys, I've just begun to replace the stock sound system in my 2005 VZ SV6 and had a few questions regarding wiring to the amps. I'm completely inexperienced in these things so basic language would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking at getting a pair of JBL GTO938's (100W RMS each) to go...
  9. M

    VF SSV Reversing sensor and indicators very loud after amp installation HELP

    I have had my VF SSV for 9 months now. I literally drove it from the dealer to car audio shop and got 3 amps and all speakers changed running off the standard holden headunit. The VF's had only been out for 1 week so my car was the guinea pig for the car audio shop. It sounds great but it...
  10. J

    WK caprice. Wiring diagram for boot amp

    Hi all, I have a WK Caprice with the amp in the boot. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this amp?
  11. itchy123

    [VIC] Audison Srx2s Amplifier 2 channel or monoblock

    ITEM: Audison Srx2s Amplifier LOCATION: Bayswater , Victoria CONDITION: Used PRICE: 350ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup Or Post (message for postage price) PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash or bank transfer CONTACT DETAILS: Pm or this thread Audison Srx 2s - 2...
  12. C

    ve amp install interferencehelp!

    ive just finished my amp install using a pioneer 4 channel amp pioneer 12 inch sub and 6x9 speakers in the rear parcel shelf i switched on my my head unit and with a few tuning tweaks i was happy with the result until i turned the car on there is a horrid interference whine in the speakers...
  13. benny_bones

    Exhaust and Car Audio Installation, recommendations for Mornington Peninsula? cheap!?

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if you know of any people or places that do installation for my vy wagon, just want a sub and amp hooked up to the stock h/u through a LOC, also just a 2.5" catback exhaust fitted also.. any prices or reviews for the mornington peninsula or a bit further out would be...
  14. N

    Wiring through VR Acclaim firewall

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any tips on getting wiring through a 1994 VR Acclaim firewall? Something quick and easy preferably! Cheers
  15. jamiasvu

    LX8 Adventra factory AMP wireing for AMP/SUB upgrade

    Hey guys, I've got a Pioneer 12" and a JL Audio 400W amp (which is perfect fit for putting in the same spot as the factory amp) and I have cut the loom plug that connects to the factory amp. Now I am unsure of the wireing and can not find it anywhere on the net! So I have 2 yellow and 2...
  16. V

    car audio!!!

    Just sold my vz thunder 6 and bought a vz calais! car already had a decent sound system which included 2x rocksford fosgate P3D4-12 punch series subs - 600w rms 1200 max. 7" jvc headunit (garbage) rockford fosgate Power1000 1400 Watt 5-Ch. Limited Edition Amp (Rockford Fosgate® -...
  17. M

    [SA] FS: Response 5 channel amplifier

    Hey guys Item: Jaycar Digital Response AA-0458 5-channel Location: Murray Bridge, SA Item Condition: As new, slightly faulty, read below Reason for selling: No longer needed/upgraded Price: $220ono +freight Payment Method: Paypal, Bank Deposit, Money Order, Cash Extra Info: Great...
  18. D

    Sound System

    Any 1 actually spent some money on a decent system on there commo. im looking at beefing mine up a lot soon and just wanted to kno what every1 else has done or is thinking of doing
  19. J

    quick car audio help

    hey guys, dont know much about car audio but here i go. i have a 1200 watt pioneer sub and i have 2 amps a 500 watt planet audio one which is 4x30 watts at 12 volts and a 600 watt sony one which is 4x60 watts at 12 volts and both are 4 channel. now the question is can i just connect the sub to...
  20. tHe_sTiG

    Advice on improving sound quality

    Hi all, I've got a VZ Commodore Executive. Stock Blaupunkt head-unit. Front passenger speaker failed, bought a set of 2 JVC CS-V626 speakers. Installed the new speaker on that side. Now I'm a little concerned that the sound from that speaker is a bit "tinny" and "off-beat", any voices in the...
  21. F

    Some questions I just cant find answers for...

    Ok so I've spent a few hours looking through the stickys and while they have helped greatly there is still a few things I don't understand... Background: I have a VX Exec (2000 model) with a Pioneer DEH-P5150UB which has seperate RCA out for Front, Rear and Subwoofer. I am...
  22. H

    sub and amp package

    hey i have a VZ SV6 and i have a alpine headunit, im looking for a decent sub and amp package for between 200 - 400 dollars any suggestions?
  23. Aarony92

    Is it possible to run a sub without an amp? if so how effective will it be?

    yea just wondering if it would work and how it would be possible to wire it up to a head unit without a sub output. sorry if there was already a thread about this but i didn't find one so yea, cheers,
  24. V

    Sound System Help

    Hey guys, I have a vx commodore that I am trying to upgrade. The set up i am trying to do is use is a 4 channel amp for the two front door speakers and the two 6x9's in the parcel shelf. And then a 2 channel amp for the sub i have in the boot. I grounded both amps onto the child seat...
  25. vn_v6

    [VIC] car audio amplifiers x5

    ITEMS: Alpine 2/1 channel amp, 300w voxstar 2/1 channel amp 200w sansui X balanced 4 channel bridgeable amp 500w sentrek bridgeable 4 channel with pre out 195w Alpine 4 channel bridgeable (branded as ford, says alpine on the inside) LOCATION: dandenong, VIC PRICE: poa CONDITION: all...