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  1. S

    Does any one know the approach angle for VF SV6 Sedan???

    Hi everyone, I am building a house with a reasonably steep driveway and have no clue what the approach angle would be so I can decide to cut the land more or less. I try to find the info on the internet and also Holden themselves. Holden said they would raise the case to the headquarter blah...
  2. J

    Crank angle sensor???????

    Hello all I'm a new member I have just bought a VS V6 3.8 for the 1st week it ran perfect then one night driving home it just stalled doing 70km/h I pulled over and had trouble getting it started, after about 5 minutes it started so I started heading for home, over then next 30km's or so it...
  3. 1991_Vn2nV

    VY V6 stalling intermittently? Try this before you start spending $$$

    Just posting this up, as I had an issue last night and tried searching here for a solution but didn't get much luck with my problem. So thought my experience may prove handy to others... On the way home last night, I started the VY and before I put it into Reverse, it stalled. Before this I'd...
  4. I

    harmonic balancer and crank angle sensor for vp s2 (same as s1?)

    hey i was just wondering if the harmonic balancer and the crank angle sensor are the same on the vp series 1 and the vp series 2. i have a vp sitting around that needs these peices and i have a mate wrecking a vp who has those peices but off a series one. if i was to grab the harmonic ballancer...