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  1. Beadan

    squeek in the rear when accelerating out of a turn..WTF?

    Please help i have no idea what is causing it, squeek in the rear when accelerating out of a turn, and only when doing so....squeek squeek squeek, a brake like squeek but im sure its not the breaks, they never squeek any other time. any suggestions?
  2. VK SL 3800

    Whistling 202

    Now that its winter again my 202 has started to whistle randomly, it only does it in the cold weather and only after the engine warms up a tad, will come and go randomly but then goes away after for good about 15-25 minutes driving depending on the temperature. Is really inconsistent, it will...
  3. dzach23

    annoying interior sounds

    i have a few sounds that bug me and would like them fixed, know why the noises are occurring or least of all are the common - when i first open my passenger power window it clunks real heavily, the glass drops onto the window lift. - whenever i press the accelerator i hear a sucking of...