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  1. StretchTheBuilder

    Vy Crewman Antenna

    G’day, I’ve fitted a new head unit and the power antenna worked fine, but once I’d installed the steering wheel control module the power antenna stopped working. Used pioneer plug and play systems. Can anyone shed some light on this?? Cheers, can’t find anything on the page!
  2. G

    Vy berlina antenna wont function after new fuse

    The fuse was blown behind the stock head unit, pulled it out and replaced the fuse, now the antenna sounds like it gets no power The antenna should go up when i turn radio on but it doesn't , also doesn't re act to the height adjustment buttons either Stumped on ideas . New to cars
  3. S

    VS VT aerial different?

    I have done a search and can find nothing. Does anyone know if a VT electric aerial fits a VS. The photos seem the same, but I do not want to buy a VT one to find it wont fit. Thanks
  4. RiffRaffMama

    What is a Diversity Antenna Module?

    Looking at anti-theft alarm info in a manual I came across this image showing the various control modules in VT-VY cars and I'm perplexed by this "diversity antenna module". I can't find any references to it online in relation to Commodores. What does it do?

    Antenna Moves When Opereating Power Windows

    With my factory stereo off (antenna down) my antenna starts to rise then falls when I power down (only) my elect windows. I have just replaced antenna. Earthing problem? Any ideas? Thankyou in advance.
  6. D

    VF Sportwagon UHF install | Retained accessory power (RAP) | Surveillance mode

    Hey guys, I've got an SV6 sportwagon and have a remote head UHF. I have 3 questions that hopefully someone has come across. 1. Is there Retained accessory power in the boot with the battery to power the radio? 2. Is there a grommet or a way to get the coax through the firewall to the boot? 3...
  7. KrisHolden

    VF Commodore Calais Rear Glass Antenna?

    Hi It is my understanding the VE series has a diversity antenna which includes the roof antenna for the radio and an antenna that runs through the rear glass demister of the car. Does anybody know if in the VF series this is also true? I have just installed a metallic tint under advice from...
  8. M

    VE Sat Nav Help

    Hi guys, I just recently bought a VE SV6 wagon which came with sat nav. I know this because I was using it. Just recently whenver I try to bring it up it says its not installed. I am wondering if this could be due to swapping the original antenna for a "bee sting" antenna? Normally I would just...
  9. P

    Troubleshooting aerial on 2007 VE

    Since installing an aftermarket head unit I've got poor radio reception, especially AM. As part of troubleshooting I unscrewed the roof aerial and then checked for continuity between the centre aerial plug in the dash and the aerial base (female thread). Result was open circuit. My very basic...
  10. S

    UHF/VHF antenna query

    Hi, here's an interesting problem which seems wierd, but may affect a fair number of owners who need to use 2-way radios from their cars. I want to fit a small vhf/uhf amateur radio set into my VF SV6 sedan. The radio itself is tiny and presents no problem. But trying to find a place to...
  11. P

    Couple of little issues with my VZ

    Hey lads, Recently bought a 2005 VZ S ute and have a few little issues with it. Leak - If I'm driving around and then return home to park in the garage, there is a leak coming from the center of the engine which leaks for about 30mins and then stops. It is only water and I'm guessing...
  12. D

    Automatic Antenna

    Hey Everyone I have a series 3 Statesman and I'm wanting to do a full Sound system on it. I was wondering when I replace the headunit will the antenna retract like normal or will I have to work out some way to retract it with a relay switch or something???
  13. B

    Aerial motor mounting bracket problem

    I have just installed a new aerial mast in my VS and I'm having some difficulty reattaching the mounting bracket. I loosened the 1/2 inch bolt which secures the bracket to gain better access to the motor as I don't have a jack and couldn't remove the wheel to do this. I installed the mast...
  14. D

    Broken door lock and antenna motor.

    Hi all, when I press unlock, the drivers door lock stays in the locked position but the door unlocks. I had a look, and the little thing that bobs up and down is just freely sitting there. I pulled it out and there's a metal rod with a thread on it. It seems weird to me because it isn't long...
  15. V

    Is it possible to move the ve roof antenna ???

    I want to move the antenna off my ve's roof and maybe have it under the bonnet. has anyone thought of doing this?? i just reckon it will look much smoother. also if somebodies looking to do it i have purchased a BMW shark fin placing it over the old part which the antenna screwed into and...
  16. H

    VE Commodore Bee Sting Antenna

    I installed a Bee Sting Antenna to my VE and noticed that there is more static than the previous standard Antenna. I love the look of it but is there better quality aerials?? Thanks
  17. JoshuaHolmes

    Antenna mounting brackets

    Hi all Excuse me if this has been asked, but I have searched high and low and have not been able to find anything. I am looking for mounting brackets for the boot of a VE SV6 for mobile/amateur radio. I have noticed the Highway Patrol vehicles have ones that go up, forward and out to keep...
  18. GIJoel

    Antenna clicking

    Whenever I turn the radio on/off, the automated antenna erects/retracts and makes a clicking sound at the end of the process. My best guess is the motor is winding the antenna more than it should and the clicking sound is teeth jumping? I haven't a clue how to fix that :/ Would it be worth...
  19. Jet_Mr_Zed

    Vx S-pack Rear Window Aerial Help!!

    I have a 2002 Holden Vx S-pack, and it had the old nokia mobile phone kit with it! Ive pulled everything out of the dash like the phone cables and a random modem looking thing, and also a loudspeaker thing in there! On the back window there is an extra aerial though, and i have my suspicions...
  20. BigBoss

    Antenna adapter?

    Hey lads, I need an adapter so I can connect the stock radio antenna lead to a JVC head unit anyone got any suggestions? Thanks :)
  21. BigBoss

    Shark fin solutions!!!

    Hey all, I just found this on another forum and believe it is what a lot of people are looking for. VG Shark Fin Antenna - What Is It? I would buy one in a heart beat but i think they are a little ver priced..... what do you all think??
  22. SteveHatz

    [VIC] Stock VE Commodore Parts: Tail Lights, Suspension (Springs and Shocks), Antenna

    ITEM: VE Commodore Stock Parts: Tail Lights, Suspension (Springs and Shocks), Antenna LOCATION: Victoria, Melbourne CONDITION: Used PRICE: Tail Lights $60, Suspension $150, Antenna $15, All Prices Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup from Box Hill South PAYMENT OPTIONS...
  23. S

    VZ antenna change to VE Stub???

    Hi guys, im new to the forum- just picked up a silver 2007 VZ ute. it has a manual antenna (FML) so i was just wondering if it is possible to install a newer, smaller antenna on the roof like the VEs have? I have done some googling and cant find an info on it, only stuff on installing an...
  24. R

    vz antenna wire

    What wire do I use to wire an antenna to my stereo? Hi just installed new stereo into my VZ holden had no problems, but the antenna. My new stereo (head unit) has a blue wire for the antenna where do i conect this blue wire too in the holden plug
  25. K

    antenna issue

    Hi People, this is my first post as i just found this web page. I have just installed a new system in my car all running fine only thing that annoys me is when i start the car up the antenna comes up even when i have it in usb and cd mode is there any way to make the antenna stay down...
  26. justice4all3000

    Power Antenna woes

    Hey all after looking though just about every power antenna thread I could find I still can’t get the &%* antenna to stay up it goes up automatically every time I turn the radio on but then will go back down same result if I push the manual control buttons I have double checked the wiring I have...