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  1. G

    Steering Angle Sensor re set/calibration

    Hi Everyone I foolishly replaced the steering wheel on my daughters 2008 Astra 60th Anniversary due to its wear. Everything all good, but the stability warning light has come on. A local mechanic has advised a new clockspring combination switch, but they are really hard to find with a single...
  2. FXST01

    Found this under the Astra

    Bear with me, I changed the oil and filter and then did the cabin filter in a 2005 TS Astra (5 speed). Later this afternoon I swept the driveway and maybe an hour later decided to move Astra off the front lawn onto the Driveway. Once on the driveway I decided to have a gander underneath and see...
  3. C

    What do you reckon's wrong with my Holden Astra?

    Sorry, I know this is a commodore forum, but I have a Holden Astra 2003, 1.8Lr manual and I hope this is okay. So here is the problem, when I start the car, engine revs from back and forth from 800 to 2000 rpm for about 30 seconds, then settles to 1200rpm. When driving, car has no power...
  4. T

    Question about my Astra SLX '88

    Hey guys & girls, I've recently been driving my Astra, but I want more out of it. I've heard that they are exactly the same as a Nissan N13 Pulsar hatchback, and I've seen some pretty cool **** done with them. Things like putting a CA18DET in it, it is crazy. However, I'm curious as to...
  5. T

    Astra 88 Aero Body Kit

    Trying to hunt down a body kit for my 1988 SLX Astra. They were actually installed on the S2 models, but unfortunately mine wasn't one of them. Am trying to hunt down the Aero body kits that are available somewhere for the Astra. Anyone found any floating around the web?