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    Ve 2009 series 1 - engine light illumination upon stalling

    Apologies in advance- im an owner that has never before owned a car with more then 4 cylinders (yes im a girl) ok guys quick question - 2 days ago i stalled the atomic beast, it was in reverse and hand brake was on. Problem that i posed - the engine light came on almost immeditaly - it...
  2. Atomic G

    Rim Suggestions for Atomic Green VE Ute

    Hey everyone, This is my first post, although I have been lurking for some time :P I am the proud owner of a 2010 VE Ute(3.6l SIDI) in "Atomic Green". I would like to upgrade the rims in the near future,but at the moment I am quite uninspired and honestly have no idea what I would like to...
  3. thetreeman

    Atomic G8 SSV Sportswagon

    Atomic G8 SSV Sportswagon My new baby built 2010 New number plate attached since photos G8 SSV standard at the moment except for tint pack and tow bar, just got 5000 km on clock wanting OTR cold air induction 2.5 in exhaust from diff to rear, and 1 dyno for now rest...