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  1. D

    Personal opinion auction car

    Hi guys, Recently took a trip to pickles auctions and stumbled across a series 2 Berlina international (07/11), 118000 on the clock with full service history and has roadworthy and rego til Feb 15. Priced at 13700. Hardly any cosmetic damage just a few leather peels on steering wheel. Seems...
  2. 3

    [VIC] Car auctions

    I've been thinking about buying a VE Commodore from a car auction, because they seem to be cheaper than anywhere else. Has anybody had any experience with car auctions? I'm curious to know about RWC and warranty.
  3. B

    Need help with choosing a commodore

    Hey guys and girls, wanting help on choosing a commodore for me, from pickles auctions, the hail damage listings. I need a cheap car being my 1st, and one that is eligible for a P plater to drive so V6 and most. just wanting to know some reliable models of the commodore and how much mileage i...
  4. MovieDude

    Selling options

    If I wanted top dollar for my VE SS how should I sell it privately in the local paper, on ebay, by auction?