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audio install

  1. D

    2000 WH Statesman Double Din Head Units

    Hey guys I'm look at buying a JVC KW AV60BT. I know it fits nicely but I'm looking for any links to website where I can by a fascia kit for it to make it look nice. I'm having trouble finding one so if I can get some help it would be greatly appreciated... The sooner the better :) Thanks :)
  2. J

    wiring problems with my new sound system!

    i got a 2002 vx commodore series 2, just replaced stock stereo with 7'' touch screen stereo and subs etc speakers amp etx work fine its just the ariel now will not come up when stereo is turned on ? i need like a wiring diagram to help me out , i wired it manually , cut plug off and done it all...
  3. P

    Custom VR setup questions...

    Hey there, I have just started setting up my own audio system in my car and just hit a few kinks in my road to success. First of all, my amp is a 2 channel 400rms jensen audio amp running a 1200w 12" pioneeer sub. Now, my problem is...my headunit has a subwoofer preout (1 female) whereas...
  4. B

    Adelaide custom Audio solutions please?...

    Heyy guys/girls... Im lookin at getting a custom audio installation.. as i have all the components that i want to install (DVD Screens, Subs, Amps, Speakers etc.) but just want to know of someone good to install it for me.. as im from Whyalla and would rather travel to adelaide to get it done...
  5. spokkeh

    New Clarion Head Unit. Steering Wheel Controls?

    Hey guys, first post and certainly not my last. I've just bought my first car - a 1996 VS Statesman. The previous owners took out the factory CD stacker because it didn't work, so I've been thinking I might as well put in a new head unit for MP3 CD capability. I'll fit a lot more music that...