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auto electrician

  1. N

    Vt supercharged v6 Starting issues

    Hi everyone I have had issues with my car playing dead. And when it does try to start it almost starts but then it blows air backwards through the air intake then dies. I thought at first which was a few weeks ago it was my alternator so I replaced parts and everything went fine it was going...
  2. D

    Seeking a knowledgeable Auto Electrician

    As the title says i am Seeking a knowledgeable Auto Electrician to install my power windows for my VT Executive 98. I have almost all the parts for the install. - 4 x Regulators - 4 x VT Series 1 Door Looms - 1 x Main Switch - 2 x Rear Switches - 4 x Power window door trim The thing i am...
  3. V

    Very Rough Running when cold - Mechanic and Auto electrician can't diagnose

    My VT Commodore runs very rough until warmed up. Once warmed up it performs perfectly, and will start and run smoothly for the rest of the day. The issue consistently (and only) presents itself after a long cool-down period i.e. overnight. Both the mechanic and the auto-mechanics I have...
  4. hwy747

    Anyone on here an auto sparky in South West Sydney... or know one?

    Hey guys Anyone on here an auto electrician in south west sydney? If not, does anyone know someone who is good and will ACTUALLY TURN UP??? I need some work done on my car (am willing to pay, not looking for charity!) I organised a guy to turn up today at 2pm to re-wire WH Caprice seats...