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auto problem

  1. H

    [QLD] Vz cross8 ls1( auto problem)

    Hi guys While driving along at a slow speed It feels like the auto box( vz ls1 auto) slips out of gear ,put your foot down and you feel a clunk and off it goes. Slight atm but wanto fix before it gets worse Any info would be great Needs a service ect ? Cheers
  2. D

    VR V6 auto ute won't change to 3rd

    Hey all, our auto ute will change from 1st to 2nd, but that's it, it stays there. Just curious, are there any other problems it might be other than the solenoid? Just so I can get straight to finding the problem. I just thought I'd pick the brains of all you experienced guys out there...
  3. G

    vp fe2 suspension and lsd from sedan to wagon changeover, and auto question

    Hi Guys I have a vp sedan series2 with fe2 suspension and lsd diff. What i would like to know is will the springs and diff fit into vp series1 wagon, both cars are same rear end set up ( not irs ) The auto in the wagon is holding in second gear when cold and when it changes into top it seems to...
  4. admk69

    VX Ecotec AUTO Revving up/down or changing between gears @ 50-70 ks

    My Vx Commodore auto ecotec V6 surges when on gas or petrol. It happens around 50-70ks. i can see the rev needle going up and down. I'm not sure if it's changing between gears or just revving. it has a pulling feel as it tries to settle at a consistent speed. I have cleaned the throttle body...
  5. J

    Vs ? How to bypass

    Hey guys of heard theres away to get rid of that auto second **** in the vs if you dont no what im talking about its when you put the auto down in first , and after a sorten rev it changes it self in to second by it self ? anyone no how to get rid of it ?