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auto to manual

  1. L

    All opinions appreciated!!

    Hey guys, backyardigan here.. I got a cammed 3800 VN manual that I'm gonna break down for my vr 3800 stato, first of all the VN has oversized fuel rails with a v8 fuel pump.. Surely a cam kit wouldn't need that much fuel to run it would it? N if not what do yous think they could have done to...
  2. H

    VS auto to manual conversion

    hi all, im doing a auto to manual conversion on my VS V6 commodore, im putting in a b/w T5 i have a problem with the spigot bush, the one i was sold fits the box perfect but its about 3mm to thick, the inside dia of aprox 14-15mm is right, but the outside dia is 28mm, the one i need is...