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  1. Dechlan Tutty

    [VZ SV6] Aftermarket Transmission Cooler Install

    Hi everyone, A few weeks back I made a post asking about installing a transmission cooler on my SV6, and how to go about it. I finally got all the parts I needed and put it in the car on Tuesday. Right now it seems to be doing just fine with zero leaks and still getting up to temperature, so I...
  2. Dechlan Tutty

    ['04 VZ SV6] Transmission Cooler Line & Fitting Sizes/Types

    Hi everyone, Looking at installing a cooler on my car when I do a transmission fluid (& filter) change. What type of fittings/lines do I need to install the cooler in-line (after the radiator cooler tank thing)? Also, how do I go about it? Do I have to cut the 'out' oil line from the radiator...
  3. B

    4L60E transmission no drive in 4th gear

    I've got a 4L60E transmission behind a 355 stroker (original VT SS 5.0L) that was running fine, but now I have an issue where I can't get any drive in 4th gear. I can accelerate through 1st, 2nd and 3rd to 100km/h, as soon as i back off, my revs drop back to idle as if the box is neutralising...
  4. Dechlan Tutty

    ['04 VZ SV6] 5 Speed Auto Trans. Fluid Change

    Hi everyone, Been doing a couple of things to my VZ recently and was wondering if it would be too late to change the trans. fluid at 174,000 km? I bought the car at 161,000 and don't have any books pre-140,000 other than service stamps (no detailed descriptions of the services) so I'm unsure...
  5. Dechlan Tutty

    New-to-Me '04 SV6: General Help & Maintenance/Aesthetic Suggestions

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right spot to be posting this, so point me in the right direction if not! :) Anyway, I bought myself an '04 SV6 (Auto) a couple of months ago to replace my 1st car which was a very unreliable BMW 320i (Only thing I miss is that it was manual :(). I...
  6. F

    Help please!!!

    Hi everyone, so my 2009 ve sv6s transmission is playing up again, 5l40e but not the origional box as that failed a while ago also. The model code on the side of the origional is a 9ghk unsure on the current one but was completely different. just wondering a berlina 9hk will work as a...
  7. B


    Have a 1997 vs ute. 7hdd gearbox Have a 6hdd gearbox out of a 96 vs wagon Dropped the 7hdd gearbox out today and put the 6hdd in before the 6hdd gearbox went in it wouldnt rev over 2000rpm Would barely go forward, neutral was forward too and wouldn't go backwards at all So I swapped them...
  8. 5

    Violent shake and stall

    Hey guys I've got a ve commodore 3.6l alloytec it has just suddenly started violently shakeing and stalling plus misses when revving (sounds like a lawn Mower) but on the rare occasion it will idle and drive fine. Since then I've tested the injectors, replaced the coils, checked for vaccume...
  9. MiKExAUS

    Suspected flex-plate noise LS1

    Hi Guys, Long time no post.. Wondering if the LS1 A4 experts would care to give me their opinion. Got a rattle heard best from underneath the car near the trans bellhousing as seen in video. Here's the link: Can anyone confirm my suspicions? I always thought I had a bit of lifter tick that...
  10. single pegga pig

    [202] Black 202 carb build

    Her everyone. Recently bought an auto 84 vk, carby straight 6 black 202. It's a nice little cruiser, but I want to work it a tad so I can get a bit more get up and go on the street. It's my first engine build so educate me, I don't really know where to start and what I could do to make this...
  11. Fergie

    What is the easy way to refill the auto transmission, SSV VF s1?

    I've read lots on this, I have done 140K km and time to change the fluid, my question is, what is the easy way to get the fluid back in the transmission? I was thinking to pump through a hose connector that screws in to the drain plug then follow the level check, then remove the connector. If...
  12. 5

    Motor swap and conversion

    To put an 05 VZ alloytec and 6sp manual box into an Auto 06 VE Omega, would that be a stuff about or what? How would I go about doing that with the possibility the ecu and computer won’t plug in. Worked on about every other car bar a Holden.
  13. G

    VY Berlina V6 Rev and idle rough

    Back again. The car is idling rough and revving rough. VY Berlina series 2, V6 Auto, petrol When stationary in Drive, it idles at about 1500-2000rpm and essentially takes off on its own, even on small slopes. When in Park, it idles at 2000-2500rpm. Revs don’t drop much when slowing down...
  14. C

    VE commodore stutters in 4th gear..

    My 2008 VE has been playing up a bit in 4th gear. Other than the stutter in 4th gear it runs great. When I lightly accelerate to bring my speed up in 4th gear, my car jerk and sputters as if its struggling to change gear. ATM I am putting my foot down the bit extra to kick it down into 3rd gear...
  15. Shayluuuh

    2011 VE Series 2 SV6 Sportwagon Shuddering

    Hi guys, have owned this wagon for 5 months now and haven't had this issue before. Just took it on an hour and a half - 2 hour drive this morning, and no problems. Got home, went inside for about half an hour before jumping back in the car. As soon as I turned it back on, instantly started...
  16. MikeyB

    New Proud Owner - VE SV6 - 2006 Auto

    1st post & couldn't find a forum to introduce myself :) Mikey up until the last hailstorm we had in NSW penrith, i owned a chery j11 cough cough, i know, give it to me 17 hail dents later, 2 major ones, saw NRMA say it's gone, thank gawd :) so after little discussion with the better 1/2 (...
  17. Brenton308

    VE Commodore 9hdd transmission

    Hello everyone! I have a 2008 VE Berlina wagon with the 9hdd auto. I'm having issues with the torque converter slip solenoid not allowing it to slip bla bla bla. My question is what is the difference between the 9hdd auto and the other 4speed autos in the VE series 1 range? Why can't I just use...
  18. L

    Vy manuel with vx Auto mototr

    Hi I've recently replaced my vy motor from a series One vr Manual motor., To a vx auto motor with a t5 manual box.. it now will not start with out start ya carnt but wont run.... however when it does kick 3rd cylinder has some sort of popping sound..... Can anybody help?
  19. Carguy440

    Will it work?

    will an auto trans from a vs 304 go into a vn 304? Asking for a friend needing an auto for his vn Calais
  20. YoungHoldenMan

    HELP! What transmission could/will fit a 07 ve sv6?

    My transmission has recently shat its self in my 2007 VE SV6 Holden. Ive been looking around for a M82 transmission (the type of gearbox currently in the car) and finding it hard to find one at a price I can afford. Just wondering if any other gearbox's would fit? like a 6 speed? Also, I'm...

    GM Motorsport August Intake & Tune special $990

    Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone else has taken up the GM Motorsport August Intake & Tune special offer? I have a VF2 SSVRL ute Auto & I got mine done yesterday... left the exhaust stock and just went for Ramjet 3 Intake and the tune... Certainly made a big difference to power right across the...
  22. D

    Vt wont start/run with indicator fuse in...?

    So i did a shotty swap and ended up with this 1999 vt s2 v6 auto as part of deal. So all was well until i lost license and let it sit for a few months.. I replaced battery thinking it was the reason car was dead.. Then key decided to not unlock /lock and had issues with that so paid to have...
  23. Shayluuuh

    VR inconsistent drive issues HELP

    I have an auto VR Berlina that’s just developed a VERY inconsistent problem. After it gets warmed up, if I come to a complete stop, it will not take off as it should. I can put my foot to the floor, it will not rev past 2 and a half ks and it barely crawls. Putting it in 1st, 2nd or 3rd does not...
  24. V

    Need advise on modifying a SV6 2012 SERIES 2

    Whats the best OTR and exhaust system for a VE SV6 2012 SERIES 2 and average prices included fitting. Also would it be better to get a 3 inch custom build downpipe made from the headers to cats quoted for $1000 instead of a full dpe 2.5 exhaust system quoted at $2500.
  25. MiKExAUS

    4sp auto trans mated to ls1 enquiry

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone can shed some light on the topic. Cruising in "D" at low speed - maybe 60/70 light throttle ...start going up a small hill, auto feels like it shifts down slightly (revs increase) but then if I put the selector into "3" the revs go up even more - so it's like it...
  26. B

    proper procedure autotrans fluid level check

    To Check Fluid level is to get car running up to temp (i think that's 10 mins idling or 25k of driving, not harsh driving but it happens to be im in hilly country so i cant do that can i?) remove dipstick and wipe shift the selector lever through all shift positions and then place lever at "P"...
  27. K

    [NZ] Help??

    Just a quick question and I apologise if this is in the wrong area... I have a 97 Toyota Hiace with a Series 1 3.8 V6 with a 4 sod auto behind it. Runs into an AU diff (shhhh...it’s a F***) I keep blowing up the trans and not because of burnouts or towing heavy loads. They seem to deteriorate...
  28. J

    Vy Auto Trassmission revving out between 2nd and 3rd

    Just wondering if anyone can help me, I have a Vy v6 wagon. When I pull my battery terminals and put them back on my transmission revs out hard when changing between 2nd and 3rd gear . Usually after a couple of days it settles down but this time it’s not. Not sure if I need a new...
  29. Popey

    AlloyTec 5 speed trans. Removal

    Hey guys, Long story short I'm in the process of removing my trans from my Calais. I have undone most of the bell housing bolts along with all attachments (Tailshaft, Transcooler lines, Flex plate bolts, cross member ect) I'm wondering, is there a bolt right ontop of the bell housing, just...
  30. S

    auto to maual / v6 to v8

    Hey guys Just bought a vt hsv 5.0L a week ago to put into my vs, came with the ecu, bcm extractors and everything. Also came wth the getrag 5 speed gearbox, which is unreal cause im also changing the vs to a manual. I feel like i've gotten my head mostly wrapped around the v6-v8 conversion...
  31. BenVzSv6

    Exauhst assistance & Opinions

    Alright I need some help, I've got a Holden Vz Sv6 2004 it's got a stock exauhst on it at the moment and I want a change. I'm about to get my P's just a under a month. Is it worth getting the full system done and worrying about the cops up my ass or just the muffler. I want all your opinions to...
  32. K

    Auto headlight issue

    So a random problem has developed with my VZ. No auto or mechanical changes but after driving one day I noticed that my headlights will only work when they are set to auto. If i switch back to parkers or driving lights then I have no lights. Annoyingly, when the keys aren't turned to...
  33. V

    High revs

    My Calais has been doing this problem for roughly a month now, when idling it's very rough, while driving the gear changes are sluggish and the revs are high. While doing 50, it sits at 2k while doing 60 it sits at 2500 and so on, I've done a tran service, changed tips, iac, Maf sensor, vss and...
  34. T

    VL turbo gearbox.. N/A or Turbo, pics attached.

    Gday fellas, In the pics attached, is this a n/a or turbo box? how to tell?
  35. R

    Transmission Problem

    Hello just seeking some general direction. My VX v6 auto transmission has began making its changes at about 2600 rpm. Obviously high. Driving in 60 k zone, I cant get out of second gear, or im speeding. Also have a high idle issue. Done a fault code test and it pointed to the throttle...
  36. F

    V8 tailshaft lengths

    Replacing the tailshaft on my 2003 VY Clubsport, however in NT, a tailshaft to suit a manual sedan V8 are rare as hen's teeth. Can I use a tailshaft from an AUTO sedan V8?
  37. H

    Transmission stopped working - VZ Calais

    Hi guys, This is my first post as I've just got my hands on a VZ Calais and need some help getting it going. It's a 2005 model 5 Speed model. After getting a new battery and getting it turned on and what not, I drove the car for perhaps 500 meters before stopping at a set of lights. After...
  38. B

    Pain in the A/C VT

    So when I accelerate or at its worse driving up hill, the Aircon transfers from front vents to up the window, then when ease off comes back blowing the front vents. Does this every time and is extremely annoying esp on hot days. Does anyone else have this problem and or anyone know the reason...
  39. T

    Tailshaft replacement - one headache after another

    Ok so for a roady i have the replace the centre bearing on my VX v6 auto wagon. I was told that the auto tailshaft it just one piece and cant be seperated so ill have to replace the whole thing. - but i keep getting told i should just change the centre bearing and that its easy but everytime i...
  40. W

    [VIC] Wtb: Auto to suit vy ss

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Want to buy good auto that does not slip to suit VY SS LOCATION: VIC, South East Burbs CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Prefer pickup, willing to travel around VIC to pick up auto PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on pickup CONTACT DETAILS...