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  1. S

    Is it worth transmission swapping my VE

    I would just like to get the opinion of others on whether or not to swap my current automatic transmission out for a manual one or just buy a manual commodore Ill still need to source the parts and find someone brave enough to take on the job, but i haven't quite made my mind up
  2. Dechlan Tutty

    [VZ SV6] Aftermarket Transmission Cooler Install

    Hi everyone, A few weeks back I made a post asking about installing a transmission cooler on my SV6, and how to go about it. I finally got all the parts I needed and put it in the car on Tuesday. Right now it seems to be doing just fine with zero leaks and still getting up to temperature, so I...
  3. G

    VY stalling

    VY Berlina V6 automatic Hey guys, the other night I was driving around when my engine stalled out of nowhere. Both my brakes and steering went stiff, RPM and speedo dropped out but still had my electrics (Stereo on, headlights, etc.). And just seconds before it happened I heard a small clunk...
  4. C

    Door lock when turning ignition OFF

    I have an issue with a VY S2 Calais they I recently bought. I know there is a function to lock the door when you put the transmission in Drive, which I have turned off, but this is not what’s happening. I turn the ignition off and the doors lock. Half the time I manually unlock the door and the...
  5. JohnnykerkhamVPcommodore

    Highest horsepower NA SS/ 1/4 mile time

    Hey guys just curious as to what the highest horsepower NA SS is with a 1/4 mile time, wouldnt mind forced induction down the track but i also know that would change what mods are happening to the car, cheers guys.
  6. Limited Edition 1992 Excutive VP Holden Commodore

    Limited Edition 1992 Excutive VP Holden Commodore

    My pride and joy. Only 1 owner for 23 years before my brother bought it for me in December 2014 as a Christmas present. Immaculate interior, starting to rust on the outside body and colour fading from original owners half ass paint work. Supposedly has an LSD chip *cough* (bullshit) *cough*
  7. Kevin1962

    MY17 SSV Redline Automatic, driveline(?) Vibration 85 to 95kmh

    Hello All, I'm new to this forum, and a suggestion from another member to post a new thread on my issue. So, I have an SSV Redline auto that I ordered from new, after 6 months finally got it in late October 2017. I've only done 1600kms in it and notice a driveline vibration between 85 and 95. It...
  8. Damsix420

    VZ V6 Holden Commodore Motors

    Hi all, got a couple things I just wanna check.. Just bought a VZ wagon V6 auto, pretty rough but got a good deal for it. It's done 275,00kms. Not long after it overheated on me while idling at work. Ended up being a water pump, so fixed that my self with a new one. Easy as but it keeps using...
  9. Hannah B

    VE commodore 2011 Engine Mount/Bad Fluids?

    Hi guys I've kind of had a dilemma and (kind of really upset about it) I bought a second hand VE commodore 2011 a couple of months ago and didn't leave enough back up money incase something went wrong.. and just recently about 2 days ago it started to have strange rattling sounds and the cars...
  10. V

    What to buy a used 2001 VX for?

    HI All, I'm looking to to buying my first commodore... (First car). I was looking at prices but I keep wondering what is the going price for a commodore? More specifically a 2001 Commodore Wagon VX, it is Automatic, has air-con, cruise control (do all commodores have cruise control), Yes...
  11. J

    Ve ss AUTO diff gear swap

    Hi guys I'm finding it impossible to get info on changing AUTO ve ss diff gears? I really want to know what people are doing weather they are using the manual 3.45 or are they going to 3.9s and with what issues or rpm at 100ks Cheers
  12. J

    Shift kit - VT Acclaim HELP!!

    I'm planning on getting a TransGo Shift kit for my VT, I was just wondering how much a mechanic might charge for an installation ?
  13. Mattde

    Slowing Using Gears

    Recently was reading a thread and found this quote? "just by any chance you dont slow your car by pulling it down through the gears do you?" Someone care to elaborate on why this could cause problems? I have done it in the past but didn't think it was bad for the transmission by any means?
  14. V

    Would converting my Holden VY S II from Automatic to Manuakl make a difference?

    Im planning on converting my vy s pac to a manual, would i gain more speed or be able to go faster by doing so? Also im planning on getting a new lsd diff
  15. kitted vp

    Vn v6 auto transmission issues

    Hi guys, during a long 3hr drive last week (about 2hrs into it) I pulled up to a set of lights and I felt something was amiss! As I went to take off again the car was surging like the tranny was cutting in and out rapidly while trying to accelorate and under decelleration the tacho would...
  16. Braydenreid

    [ACT] Wrecking white VS Berlina

    ITEM: Wrecking white VS Berlina LOCATION: A.C.T CONDITION: Used PRICE: make an offer or ask for a price DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pickup or can post/deliver some items PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, paypal CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected], PM. 0427 967 670...
  17. G

    Vr v6 transmission mount

    So here is my problem. The car is a 94 VR V6 Automatic Just changed my engine mounts and decided to change the trans mount at the same time. When i bought the mount from Veale's he gave me a mount with 4 large holes and 2 smaller holes. Now i know the smaller holes are to bolt the mount...
  18. V

    vg ute manual conversion

    hi all, just in the process of converting the old mans vg ute from a 4 speed colum auto to a 5 speed on the floor, iv aquired most parts(interior out of a vr, handbrake,pedal box, 8 bolt flywheel, clutch and box). any tips or advice would be appreciated, auto box is out, linkages are out just...
  19. H

    Vy Auto Headlight Switch / Function not working!

    Hey guys, Recently when i switch to the auto head light function my headlights and interior lights are not illuminating, however my headlights do work when on the normal headlight function (so its not the globes). I've read that if all lights aren't working (headlights, dash, Gears) then...
  20. H

    Surging Automatic Transmission

    Hi, My 2002 Calais is surging and shuddering slightly when I am doing anything over 80 and usually only going up inclines. Dropping down to 3rd overcomes this and when on the flat I shift it back to Drive. First question is what could be wrong and more importantly any idea on repair cost...
  21. R

    intermittent torque converter lock up problem.

    Hi there, I have an interesting problem with the 4 speed auto on a 6 Cyl VL. Basically at random times the torque converter does not appear to lock or randomly unlocks even though my speed is constant (I.E. 100 km/h) It still shifts through all 4 gears but it just does not lock the converter. I...
  22. 9

    Selected Gear LED

    Im thinking of putting a series of LEDs or a LCD Display some were on the dash that wiil light up no the selected Gear in a Auto i think i ,ay need microswitches or can i use the existing switches or is that guna mess up the ECU
  23. W

    VY automatic transmission shift button question.

    Hey, guys. I just have a question regarding the button on the shifter in automatic VY Commodores. I've been driving mine a few years now and I'm only required to depress the shifter button to change up into neutral, reverse and park or to change down into first, but I recently read that...
  24. Notorious_Matt

    Matt's 2003 VY Commodore Excutive

    Matt's "Stinger VY" Project Name: Matt Car: VY Executive Year: 2003 Colour: White/Black Kilometers: 112000 Transmission: Auto Engine: 3800 Ecotec V6 My Commodore and my Laser. I'm new to the whole commodore scene in terms of owning one but since I was 10 I have...
  25. E

    [SA] vp calais

    ITEM: vp calais LOCATION: SA, gawler. YEAR: vp calais, 1992 SERIES: VP s1 BADGE: CALAIS ENGINE: 3.8 buick TRANSMISSION: 4speed auto COLOUR: white over grey EXTERIOR CONDITION: very close to perfect, 2 dents in the whole car witch are very un noticeable. INTERIOR...
  26. K

    s/w wont stay on!

    hey guys i recently couldent start my car and found out it was just the fuel pump(well i thought) but since ive changed it it starts fine everytime ...... but sometimes when im driving it will die and ill have to pull over and start car again, starts fine everytime but this happens everytime i...
  27. S

    88 VL Executive

    Gday, I'm very interested in buying a 1988 VL Executive 3Litre Auto N/A. It's all standard - no mods. Interior is immaculate and the outside is schmicko. Pretty much mint condition throughout with 207xxx kms on it. Even still has standard cassette player haha. I'm thinking of a few cheap mods...
  28. ANL53X

    Do i need to do anything to my auto transmission?

    Hey, i had heard from someone, that they had heard from someone at Holden, that when you do performance upgrades to an auto Commodore you need to upgrade the transmission so it can handle the gain in power, i.e. extractors. I wasn't sure if this is true or not, so i thought i'd ask the people on...
  29. S

    VN Berlina

    Have found a VN Berlina in immaculate condition with a 5 litre EFI and 4 speed hydromatic auto with 95200kms on the clock FOR SALE for $5500. Everything works perfect, it's always been garaged and the only non-original parts are 17x7.5 inch mags and cat-back sports exhaust system. Just...
  30. S

    auto - manual conversion

    hi i have a holden vy supercharged s pack i am looking at changing it from auto to manual as the supercharged model was never released with a manual option. i was wondering what i will need to do this and if anyone has an idea how much it will cost and if anyone knows of places in perth that...
  31. J

    VS AUTO problem> oils goes black after oild changes.it wont engage in mornings start

    my auto in the vs from cold start doesnt engage till after a minute or so of idling .other than that it works perfectly . the only problem i have is because it doesnt engage at cold start the tranny oil goes black. so i have to keep constantly changing the oils and the filter on a monthly basis...
  32. Harrison

    quote for exhaust seems to cheap & will it drone?

    redback 2 1/2" catback exhaust to suit 04 VY S2 exec. was quoted $380 installed with rear sports muffler or $320 installed with straight through pipe. ($420 with twin but i dont want my car to look like something it isnt) i can get any of it $40 cheaper to install myself but am unfamiliar with...
  33. R

    VE SSV Transmission - Reprogramming to mod Active Select?

    Has anybody found someone who can reprogram the 6spd auto in an AFM SSV Sportwagon? I have two things I would like to change.... 1: Add a "2nd gear start" setting. Just like in my Landcruiser, I would like to push a button and have 1st gear ignored while the button stays depressed. 1st...
  34. E

    Gears slipping. NEED HELP.

    Hey. my question will be simple for people that know abit about vn transmission. (auto) When i flog it between gears, insted of just changing they rev inbetween. Hmm anyone that cab help please? I guess i could also ask a mechanic lol. but i thought id let you pros help me out :) thanks
  35. nathg

    VR auto stalling in reverse

    Hey, just wondering if anyone has ever had a similar problem to this. On Saturday night i was in a dead end street doing a 3 point turn (i got lost lol) and as i went to reverse up the slight hill to turn around, i gave it a bit, the tyres screeched slightly and then the engine cut out and i...