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  1. C

    VE Omega - Front Aux not working

    Hello all, Wondering if its possible to replace the actual front aux input. I have tried many different cords and ipods and none have solved the problem. Which is that it hardly works, have to move the cord around until it works which will only last a few seconds then will fade away and be...
  2. GIJoel

    Aftermarket head unit for VT

    So I'm looking to replace the stock head unit in my VT. Don't like it as it has no AUX input or iPhone connectivity, resorting to the few CD's I have isn't a fun experience since they skip whenever I pull less g than a wall and I'm not old enough to own cassettes. :rofl2: - Top priority is...
  3. decco

    VE Rear AUX to 3.5mm adaptor?

    I've been having trouble with my front aux socket for a while, and don't like having a cord running from my head unit to my iPhone, so I've been looking at getting some sort of adaptor so I can run a cable directly from my rear AUX input on the head unit (some strange connector that no car shops...
  4. U

    aux feedback problem ?

    hey guys, i am in desperate need of your help! First of all, I have a 2007 omega. My problem is that when i plug my audio device into the auxiliary port and play audio it sounds like there are no vocals and its all weird. i recently purchased a car charger for my phone and discovered when my...
  5. U

    Holden Omega Aux problem

    hey guys, got a weird problem here my head-unit aux sounds f*king shocking. i have tried countless cables and countless devices (e.g iPod, different mobiles) and the sound is really low, no boss, low treble and muttered vocals. any ideas why this is happening. I don't know if this is of any...
  6. D

    Ve sv6 2006 electics

    Hey guys, I'm having some issues with my radio unit, and screen, and i need some help from you guys. 1.when im using AUX there is a buzzing noise in the background ive used multiple different leads and nothing is working to fix it. 2. From time to time when i push the next ">>" button...