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  1. V

    Highway Max tyres

    hey guys i have heard a lot of guys on here talk these tyres up. Does anyone know were i can get them in the west side of melbourne vic? Or if you get yours from elsewere how much your paying each for them. Last i remember remoulds were going for around $60 each fitted and balanced?
  2. wilso

    DIY Painting your car with rollers

    Paint job almost 4 years old (taken 15-1-2012): http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/holden-commodore-how-tos/76882-diy-painting-your-car-rollers-13.html#post2084085 - See my post The Paintwork 27 Months On: The Paintwork 16 Months On: The Method: Firstly if you bag this method out...