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  1. S

    axle tramp

    Hey guys just did a bit of researching around on here for info regarding stopping axle tramp. I found this from superpro: Holden VE Commodore & HSV SuperPro Heavy Duty Rear Trailing Arms Stop Axle Tramp Just after any opinions and if people have tried this before. thanks
  2. femno

    [VIC] VS Auto Commodore Borg Warner LSD Live Axle Assembly Reconditioned SWAP VIC ONLY

    Hi guys, Im selling my VS V6 Ute but without the LSD, its Auto and fitted with a Borg Warner LSD. The Diff Assembly was rebuilt with the new LSD and new bearings about 5,000km ago. Since im selling the car I need a swap with someone elses Auto Live Axle diff assembly. So this is a sale...
  3. Q

    rear hub irs play

    Hi guys, hoping someone can help me here. I had a grinding noise coming from the rear of my ss so i jacked it up and took the wheel off the drivers side to check the pads and they werent too bad, as I was putting the wheel back on i noticed there was alot of play in the hub so I...
  4. Harrison

    Bent Front Axle. what kinda of $$$ ?

    Just noticed lately that my wheel scrubs when i turn into a full lock, then i also noticed my car drags to the side alot, and under heavy braking there is another scrubbing noise, so i had a look at the wheels thismorning and noticed there is probably an inch or two of gap difference with the...