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  1. Y

    Setting omvl lpg converter on vt?

    Hi everyone. My vt's running a bit rough on gas. The plugs and leads aren.t that old and the gaps are fine so i doubt my backfires are being caused by that. Does anyone know how to tune an omvl lpg converter to get myself out of trouble until i can get it to the gas man? Any good ideas on how to...
  2. V6formethx

    VX Dual Fuel (Aftermarket) DTC57 Injector Monitor Line problems

    Hi all, and thanks in advance if you are even reading this, let alone able to offer assistance. I have never come across and issue with these motors I haven't resolved myself, but this has me absolutely stumped after months of trying to figure it out. Issue: Engine light comes on after a...
  3. N

    Loud backfire help

    If anyone has any ideas as to what the **** is going on with my car id really appreciate it. This cars just had problem after problem Ive got a vs ecotec manual ute, picked it up for $350 with no rego, clutch or fuel pressure. After i got it, i changed plugs, leads, injectors rail and regulator...
  4. D

    LPG Backfire Issue - Solution

    Hi all, my VS V6 continues to backfire whilst Running on LPG when i have simply forgotten to change down a gear for say, going up a hill or overtaking, or catching that amber light... when normally the engine produces enough torque to not require that gear change... i'm afraid to lend my car to...
  5. B

    [NSW] Stall when auto placed in Drive or Reverse even with heaps of revs

    Hi, was just looking at an auto VN today and couldn't get it to reverse up the driveway because it always stalled. Would start and rev perfectly. Was kinda weird because whenever I put it in reverse or drive with some revs it was like there was a high load on the engine and if I upped the...
  6. B

    Commodore Backfiring and shudder-help

    Hi Everyone Ive got a 2001 VX berlina that has recently been put on gas. It ran fine for a month apart from the engine cut off when going around corners so the mechanic tweaked the mixture and now yesterday whilst driving, not accelerating just casually driving the car backfired, It runs fine...
  7. vr5lchick

    vs backfiring,spluttering,cough when i excerlerate!!! grrr

    hey well my car has only just started playing up about a week ago! i noticed it at first when going up a hill on the freeway it was coughing and spluttering and i could feel the motor? gerk! after that it actually backfired (popped) under the bonnet! has gotten extremely worse since and...
  8. S

    vx backfiring (gas converted) fuel pump fuse and air box continuosly blowing!!

    Hi Guys, First Timer Here! I hope anyone may have some suggestions please *crosses fingers* VX Aclaim Series 2.. Took to Midas for a major service which was due. But had no prior complaints before hand. Come back and the car backfires, which i guess is normal for gas conversions on the...
  9. D

    Stuttering, flatspot and backfiring on takeoff

    I have a 96 VS V6 wagon. I have recently replaced the air filter, fuel filter, plugs and leads. A problem started to develop as a flat spot upon takeoff but has now gotten considerably worse over a period of about a month. If I put the foot down (especially when it is cold) it missed really...
  10. S

    Inconsistant surge

    I really need some help!!! Basically it started off surging under load, now it does it all the time, on idle, cruising and i think I've even lost a bit of power. Ir has a lumpy idle, then randomly it coughs. I tried: •leads and plugs •coil packs and module •fuel filter •engine fault codes (...
  11. VNCalais3800

    VN Calais 3.8 Backfiring After Coil Pack Changeover

    Hi all, Recently my VN Calais S1 has started to run like it was only firing on 3 or so cylinders (dont worry it has not left the shed). I replaced the coils with champion coils they cost me $58 each at repco. I also changed the spark plugs to the iridium/fusion ones cost me $140 at Supercheap...