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  1. J

    Jacks Voodoo VE SV6 Ute (picture heavy)

    Name Jack Model SV6 Ute Colour Voodoo Blue Year 2010 Transmission 6 Speed Manual Engine Mods nil Interior Factory leather interior Current Mods and Things Done TSS Bagged Front & Rear with Accuair E-Level & Accuair Key-Fob 20" White Staggered Inovit Revolves Reverse Sensors (Factory...
  2. Mattde

    Rear Airbag Suspension

    So I'm considering getting airbags for the rear of my Sedan & was wondering if anyone could give me advice on the following: 1) How low does a standard kit drop down to? 2) How much further would it be with a "super low" (remove bump stops) kit and is this option even worth the hassle of...
  3. J

    Bagged Wagon tubbing

    Hey guys, my VR wagon is bagged at the rear and i want to cut the inner guards out so it can sit on the ground! just wondering if anyone has any tips or pointers to help out.... if i have to weld in some support bars... it has 17" vt ss rims on it now but next week i am throwing 20" ve gts...
  4. M

    Vt wagon rear bags vic

    Hi does any one know a place near Ballarat vic which does rear air bag set ups with an engineers certificate, if anyone has any contact details etc it would be much appreciated, thanks
  5. DmanVT

    DMANS Morpheus Purple Series II VT Sedan

    Please take note that the first images are the latest images and the images/ posts after are the progress as the car build went along This is my first car and so i have just gradually been working on bits and pieces and am very happy with it :) Name: Darcy Age: 20 Location: Near Ballarat in...